The Uni-Pen's Have Arrived!

The brand new and coveted UNI-PEN’S have arrived!

What’s a UNI-PEN, you ask! It’s possibly the first pen especially crafted for unicyclists. Not only does it, sort of, look like a unicycle but even cooler it balances just like a unicyclist.

It’s a great little item that every unicyclist will want to own to show off their enthusiasm for the greatest sport in the world.

Visit my website at to check it out and order yours.

Own yours for only $10.95 plus $2.00 shipping to the U.S. and $4.00 to the U.K.

I only have a very limited supply of these pens.

That pen definitely has a picture of a unicycle on it but it doesn’t look like a unicycle.

Re: The Uni-Pen’s Have Arrived!

On Sat, 6 Aug 2005 23:15:38 -0500, “onewheeljoe” wrote:

>That pen definitely has a picture of a unicycle on it but it doesn’t
>look like a unicycle.

Maybe it should have a unicycle seat on top?

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Hey! Nice idea. I can have a rubber or plastic unicycle seat made to sit or snap on top.


Sorry to say but

Thank you for your reply!

Sorry you feel that way but I don’t see anyone else complaining about unicycling related products being posted on the boards.

I’ve refrained from adding a post like this to the Rec.Sport.Unicycling section but others in the past have done it and nobody seems to mind.

Since I posted the Uni-Pen I’ve received many orders which also tells me that folks don’t mind.

If the moderators of this thread feel that postings that make new unicycling products known to the community are inappropriate then I will be the first to cease and desist.

Happy Unicycling! :slight_smile: