"The Uni life"

Some might think that Uni would get boring after a while, but for most of us, we love it more each day! :heart:


This got my morning started off with a laugh and a smile. Thanks Terry.

Great job @UniGeezer. Changing some words to suit me! (Main thing is I like to stay warm in bed in the mornings as long as possible or till I’m good and ready :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

The uni life (Linda Gock inspired by Terry Peterson)

A saddle, a frame, and just one wheel
I love the way uni makes me feel.
Nothing compares with this sport so cool,
Doesn’t need batteries or fossil fuel

Forests, countryside, every uni has its place
I can go anywhere, and it takes little space.
The uni life is so worthwhile
It beats 2 wheels by a country mile!!

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