The Uni community should have it's *own* video site called...

:slight_smile: :roll_eyes: :p:D :sunglasses:


sorry but is that worthy of recsport?? and there is unicycle tv.


What the uni community really needs is more support

Dude, thats hilarious!

It was a JOKE! :roll_eyes: And yes, I obviously know about the video forum…I’ve only posted like a MILLION videos! :slight_smile:

How come you always post them in RSU then? ahah

I don’t haha! The last one I posted only to the vid forum, as I will from here on. I prefer it there anyway as it tends to stay on the first page for weeks and weeks without the need to bump it! I just got so used to posting them in RSU long before there even WAS a separate video forum, that it just became a force of habit. :smiley: And so as an “afterthought” I often repost the same video to the video forum as well. Not’ny

It does any me because I posted a video that got 15 or less replies, because people similar to you post so many different videos. Maybe the video wasn’t worth peoples time, but I worked on it for a long time, longer than the time between your videos. If everyone to post fewer, and better videos this problem wouldn’t occour.

Oh, and why are you putting so much emphasis on so many words? To put ACROSS “how” long you’ve been here? Please mate, save it a little. Added on that, I hate smilies, one can tell people the mood others are just stupid.


I didn’t understand what you meant at the beginning of your post. I know sometimes people get rushed while typing, but anyway I just wondered what you were trying to say there. I like smilies and use them regularly, so that’s my option; sorry if it offends you.

And since we can’t be “heard” and use specific audible inflection, sometimes the words and sentences we post are not construed in the same way by everybody, which certainly doesn’t mean that they are “stupid”. That’s why sometimes it helps to clarify what you type (if it’s likely to be taken more than one way) by adding a particular smiley, or a “haha” or “lol”. I enjoy these forums and the great people here.

You make good points Muniaddict, I may be in a bad mood. But it still annoys me.

Mike should really consider renaming their site “yunitube” that would be awesome. I know it would be a really big hassle to do that though. Who runs anyways?

Yeah I hear ya there are days I’m not feeling that great. I do post a lot of videos, but I won’t for a while because I need to get going with other stuff…like work haha! Can you send me a link or post it here of your last video or two…I may have already seen it but I want to see it so I can comment on it and maybe more ppl will watch it so post it again, ok?

BElieve me I know a lot goes in to making uni videos, and even though I put out a lot of them, I still put my heart & soul into them and try to make the best video I know how. I just work at break-neck speed and what may take me only a day or two, might take somebody else a couple of weeks! Thanks.