the uni chat room

i’ve noticed no one seems to use the chat room anymore. there isn’t very many scheduled chats anymore either. I think we should start using the chat room more often. when you guys are browsing the forums and stuff why dont you guys pop onto the chat room aswell? it would be fun to talk to people faster instead of on just the forums. so please log on to the chat room and talk to some unicyclists.

I could register a unicycling chat room for IRC if you guys want (if there already isnt one)

I’m in there now. There are two others but they are currently ‘away’.

Join me.


im in there pretty frequently, and the usual suspects (rayden_uni and duaner and occaisonally tim) are there too, but often away. right now i can’t get on because it keeps saying stuff like

“connecting to 6667”
(wait 10 seconds)
“unable to connect to server”
(wait 5 seconds)
“connection close”

sometimes it will work after clicking connect a few times…

my computer is mysterious.


Im trying to go in but its not working.

I registered #unicycling on
I connect to

If people only ever get one occasionally to talk no one will ever be in there. If everyone just idles there whenever they are on the computer then there will more often be enough people there to talk. So instead of logging on, saying hi, realising duaner and I aren’t there, just stay until you get off the computer.

i give up. everytime i try to join the chat, this is what happens.


Yeah, I use the chatroom everytime I’m browsing the forums…
It’s fun and you get to know the people a lot better afterwards…


Originally posted by tennisgh22
i posted this recently in rsu, but ill do it here too. i’ve given up trying to connect to the chat; this appears every time i try.

Looks like you are trying servers, and As far as I can tell, only the first of those still exists. Here’s a current list of servers to try

I changed the script to try those ones.