The Uni Bomber trick cycle

I was browsing Velospace looking at fixie bikes and came across a trick bike made from two Torker DX unicycles.

The Uni Bomber (clickthrough for more info on it)

Seems it was made by Mr. Pedalsworth from


That is insane.

I wana ride that!

I can’t imagine the flatland stuff possible with this.

Oh the possibilities…

Nowhere near as good quality but:

It looks dangerous. How do you keep the balance?

looks around… We are on a unicycle forum for cryin’ out loud.

Yes but two of them? On the same time? Must be awfully hard …

Do you even know how to ride a bike?

that looks so awesome. i wanna go.


Wow, what overkill! You would hardly need splined axles on such a cycle, unless the rider plans to test its limits by inventing tricks with it.

For those of you thinking sliced bread has just been invented, people have been making bikes like that forever, though usually the front wheel doesn’t have pedals. This Torker DX version is probably heavy though!

At least 30 pounds…

My BMX is really heavy weighing in at 32~

Somewhere, I have seen a picture of a similarly made vehicle (made with 2 unicycles) and the comment that it is difficult to ride because it turns/bends/twists at both ends.

Looks like it would be fun to try.

What are the front pedals for?

I’m guessing they were left on because the builder was too lazy or unconcerned to remove them. But the brake had to have been put on deliberately.

btw one of the kids in RTUC has a similar machine and I’ve tried it, it’s loads of fun! I think Sem Abrahams sells them (it’d be special order though), and I’m half convinced I need one. :smiley:

oooops I accidentally double posted…is there anyone at the controls who can delete this one?

Awesome. I wonder how hard it would be to make one.

I should make one cause that does look insane. :smiley: :smiley:

looks really fun… i’d like to try that sometime!