The ultimate workout?

A couple of months ago, I rode a unicycle for the first time in 20 years…I’m hooked:D. Life truly is too short folks. Don’t get caught up in the daily grind so much that you lose focus of what really matters.

Since then I’ve been riding a few times a week and I’ve lost 10 pounds. I thought I was fairly fit, but riding has shown me otherwise.

Has anyone seen a noticeable change in their leg and abdomen strength since they’ve been riding? I can’t see how more people aren’t catching on to this. Unicycling seems like the ultimate workout (or am I just that out of shape?).

I haven’t personally noticed a difference in my physical fitness. I started riding hardcore about 2 months ago (I learned a few years ago). This week I received my first compliment (from a girl makes it even better) “You know your calves are really toned.” I went on to explain how it must be from all the extreme unicycling that I do. I think that may have been a turn off hehe.

I also got a compliment from a girl the other day…my wife said “you know your love handles are less jiggly”

I haven’t noticed being in better shape than before I started but I definitely have improved balance. Probably because I was an avid cyclist before I started unicycling and it has pretty much replaced my two wheeled transportation.

LOL! It’s working!

i am trying to improve my leg strength by cycling(bi/uni) and i thought one idea might be to do a bunch of SIF riding on the uni everyday and keep increasing the distance. this seems more fun and less time consuming than riding 50+ miles on a bike

Along the same lines, riding on an ultimate wheel would be a good workout.

That is what I thought this thread was going to be about. I need to build one of those some day.

I’m a runner who also unicycles (running over 19 years and unicycling for just over 5 years). I agree that unicycling has definitely helped with my overall strength, especially in my core region. The constant spinning has also helped with my leg turnover in running, almost like an impact free speed workout. My overall balance, especially running trails has been improved by my riding. However, the biggest bang for my buck has been riding MUni, pound for pound this had been such more of a cardiovascular workout compared to covering the same mileage running; it’s the perfect cross training for a runner, especially a trail runner! While my running has helped my overall riding strength and endurance, the reverse isn’t 100% true. There are no shortcuts: if you want to be a good runner, you have to run! :slight_smile:

Yes for me. My leg strength is improved, even though I was already an avid bicyclist. I have actually gained weight in muscle (body fat was already low). Cardio is getting better, particularly as I’m doing more muni climbing. And I just found out that my blood pressure is down to 110/70!

Muni or not, but the hills definitely became flatter since I started unicycling…

On the flip side two weeks ago I rode a bike for the first time in three years and my legs are still hurting :slight_smile:

I’ve lost 5 pounds since taking up unicycling, which is a surprise. I didn’t know I had 5 lbs to lose. It brings me down below 135. If you see a skeleton riding a unicycle, don’t be scared. It’s just me.

Unicycling has been great exercise for my lower back. I used to have a sore back all the time from an old weight lifting injury. That pain disappeared a few weeks into learning to unicycle. I haven’t felt a hint of it since then. Doctors should prescribe unicycling to back pain sufferers.

Its been a great workout for me as well as its inspired me to workout outside of the uni, just to improve my uni skills. I would say I am in better shape than I have ever been, even after playing 14 years of soccer.

I have been riding my unicycles for many months now without touching my road bike. This week I decided to go for an easy, hilly ride on the bike. I can’t believe how hard it has become to ride uphill on the higher geared bicycle. The low gear of the unicycle has made me soft. I will now alternate my road bike with the unicycle. This was a bit of a shock since learning the unicycle was such a workout in the beginning.

Thats very interesting that you say that because i have had the same results. I used to always have lower back pain and soreness from an older motocross accident about 2 years ago. Now that i have taken up unicycling and have been riding quite a bit i rarely get and soreness or anything in my back! and i have also noticed that my legs are stonger! All my firnds are always saying " man i really need to start working out so i can get in shape". They just dont believe me that a Muni ride can be one hell of a work out!

I’ve gained 40-50 pounds since I started riding. :frowning:

Considering I’m counting from age 17 in 1979, I guess that’s not too horrible…

Ultimate workout!

Let’s get back on topic:

I got an ultimate wheel for Christmas and have been learning to ride it. I am making progress but it is a challenge. The standard advice for a new unicyclist, “put more weight on the seat,” does not apply. I have ridden perhaps 100 yards at a stretch before the inevitable UPD, and I am exhausted. It is getting better and my efficiency is improving, but I do not think it will ever be as effortless as riding a unicycle. Perhaps it would be easier with clipless pedals? :roll_eyes:

It is fun to master a new skill!


Is there any real difference between an ultimate wheel and a uni wheel and cranks without the frame? I have tried to ride my wheel without the frame and it seemed impossible. Maybe I’ll try again.

Uni is great exercise but it isn’t a substitute for other specific skills. If I want to be fast on a bike I have to put in the time on a bike. If I find myself spending most of my exercise on the unicycle I will lift some weights and do some upper body work too because unicycling provides none.

Ultimate workout?

Since I start unicycling I just notice a huge improvement in My balance and my leg strenght incresed a bit!