The Ultimate Uni

My friends and I were trying to find the perfect thing to buy if one of us won the lottery. I decided on a new uni, but alas, it was not enough money. So, I’ve turned to you fine people. If money was not a factor, what would you decide would be the best uni in the world? Titanium frame? Carbon-Fibre everything? Jet power?

The more expensive, the better!

I think I’d buy the research necessary to come up with a truly excellent set of saddles, one for each type of riding.

I’d want a saddle designed by Lazy-Boy, a 3 inch wide 28" knobby tire, Titanium pedals, Everything unbendable, and completely waterproof! And best of all, It can be adjusted with the click of a button to a 5ft, 6ft, and 10ft Giraffe :smiley: :smiley: !!!

Go-Go-gadget unicycle!
what about lasers? can there be lasers?

Re: The Ultimate Uni

I’ve made a few posts on this before, but I’d be perfectly satisfied with a
square fork for 1 foot stuff, 20" wheel with a good, fat, offroad tire, and
a Schwinn bolt style seat fastener. If I won the lottery, I’d like to try
an airseat and maybe some indestructable cranks, hub, and wheel.

I think dan had the right starts with the LASER Uni…

But then you also need a frame made from 1 Brilliant cut Diamond, Diamond Cranks and Pedals May also be neccicary. Who Cares about weight when your riding on something like that.

Then you would also need stuff like Speed Racers Car has, so you can shoot oil Slicks so bikers behind you wipe out. And have extendo saws to cut thier Bikes in Half so that they have the correct number of wheels.