The Ultimate Muni?

Hey, I was just wondering what you’re ultimate muni setups would be? i’m interested…

would it be a plain KH24 or a koxx one 26 or something with a large marge with or without a brake??

let’s see what the best Muni configuration can be, let’s set the limit at $1000 US dollars

thanks guys

what about an ultimate MUni… as in an ultimate wheel with massive chucky ass tyre and massive rim…like 36inch or something

the hard part would be riding it down rocky hills

my uni pic was to big to upload but its a 24" Nimbus II with 2.5" Super Tacky Tyre, 125mm cranks and its pretty good for anything and everything to do on a MTB tack, and if theres a real steep hill i just hop up and down it, it comes in at $300 AUS.

a 24" nimbus unicycle, with a 2.5 inch tyre and 125mm cranks is not that crash hot for Muni, it’s got a cotterless hub, short cranks and a thin tyre. besides i’ve already got one of them, with 170 cranks and a 2.7 tyre.

boost the price range up a bit and the ultimate Muni under $2000US is the KH/Schlumpf!!!

but if your good at MUni it doesnt matter to much as long as your doing 7ft drops and riding on 80 degree terrain its not too bad.

KH24free ride w/ maguras a gazzaloddi tyre,1157mm cranks and profiles

1157mm! wowza

yeah, i have tried these, they are really good for technical stuff. you can practicall walk over any obstical!

why don’t you jsut hop off your uni and walk over it then?

i’d like to see some crankflips with them

Depends what you mean by ultimate.

For 90% of the muni riding that people do, and the riding posted on videos on here, I think a big wheel, 26 or 29, with 150mm cranks and a 2.1" tyre, with a brake fitted would be the fastest thing to ride.

It wouldn’t be the easiest, but once you learnt to ride it, you’d go faster.

For the off road trials style riding maybe something more like the KH is in order though.

The KH/Schlumpf might be nice, although no-one knows yet how durable it’ll be, geared muni riding is definately a laugh though.


i was aiming for the slightly more technical side of Muniing rather than the distance aspect of it, and something which is prety much top of the line for drops and stuff, whats the deal with the large marge??

oh it WILL be durable. and the gearing is perfect… you can ride to the trails when its set to large wheel mode and then gear it back to 1:1 then hit the hardcore structures!

Well, if it was up to me, I would get profiles, konda pedals (the cheap 15 dollar kind), Nimbus II frame, tire doesnt really matter, an Alex DX32 rim, Thompson seat post, CF base, an airseat saddle. I think that is about it.

Or a stock KH GMuni.

Either way, as long as it doesnt have brakes, then its good.

1157mm is over a meter long, you would never get cranks that long! They would be bigger than the diameter of the wheel! Are you sure you don’t mean 157?

Rock on!

actually i was quoting this…
and, i have found that putitng 1157mm cranks on my KH allows me to walk right over the trickiest of trials and muni obstacles :smiley:

as stated before:
I want a geared down muni because uphill is spoiling the fun!

Having seen Sam Wakeling ride shore stuff, skinnies etc. on his 29er, I think that for most of us skill is all that’s holding us back from riding hard stuff on big fast wheels. Okay if you’re doing 6 foot drops, or you’re not as good as Sam is, it’s not the right unicycle for you, but for most technical riding, they’ll be darn fast. It’d not be a unicycle you could get right onto and ride well straight away, but once you’d got the skills you’d be super fast and able to ride in a really flowing manner.

Wobbling bear - maybe you want a geared 24 with 170s and a nice light tyre (like 2.1" or maybe 2.6"), that way you’ve got a super-low gear that’ll go up any hill, but can still go into a decent gear for the downhills.


I’d like to think mine is the ultimate… maneuverable like a 24", rolls the harshest of terrain, no foldover when pecking slopes. Its a bit heavy, thats the only real downside.

GB4 Frame
26" Large Marge Rim
26x3" Gazzaloddi
DDG Driver 175mm Cranks
DMR V12s
KH/Onza Hub
Magura Rim Brake

But I’m sure there’s better out there. I remember a post about a really nice 26" Muni in a KH Alu frame, thats gotta be nice. And Darktoms ‘Monzta’ 24 Large Marge Muni, thats nice too.


i just drueled…

how much did that BEAST set you back?