The ultimate in body armour

Any trials unicyclists fancy bidding for these?


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Danny Colyer (the UK company has been laughed out of my reply address)
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Bear Suit lol, pretty extreme, ill be suprised if you could even walk with all the junk on it.


yeah but check out the price tag

ive seen that dude with his bear suits all over t.v. for the past 5 years or something. they’re pretty remarkable. they had some videos of him getting thrown down steep hills, getting hit by trucks, getting hit by gigantic swinging logs in the chest, being shot with an arrow, and being shot with a gun. Pretty crazy. I wouldn’t buy this for unicycling unless i planned on doing some trials in the bear exhibit of the zoo.


I’ve seen that guy on TV as well. Quite the crackpot inventor! Sorry if I’m using “crackpot” wrong. To me it means lots of time and effort to invent and perfect something that doesn’t appear to have a useful purpose. Studying bears? You can get attacked by a bear in one, but I don’t know how much study you can accomplish.

Bears are pretty smart too. Give one time, and he’ll figure out how to peel that thing off you.

It probably doesn’t have enough range of motion for riding a unicycle, but if it did you could ride it in busy traffic!

The suits are probably better for doing stunts, such as going over Niagra Falls and such.

He also made an interesting fire-retardent material that completely blocks heat and flame, even from stuff as hot as oxy-acetalyene torches. That most definitely has a use.

A huge use! Isn’t it such a pain when you have some oxyacetalyene-torch-wielding maniac running after you, but you dont have the right fire-retardent material on? :wink: