The Ugly Unicycle Thread

Who has the ugliest unicycle ever?

A bashed, battered and bandaged Muni?

Your old Miyata with the rust and duct taped seat?

A brand new, but butt-ugly color - with clashing accents, trials uni?

This is probably not the worst, but I’ll start things off with my entry for ugliest seat and post:

Those teeth have been in there for years. I don’t floss.

Bring it on.


Haha that’s hilarious! But those teeth are a bit close for comfort! Kinda reminds me of mr. ed reincarnated as a unicycle!:stuck_out_tongue:

That is so disturbing.


It was good for a laugh in shows…

I almost made a talking unicycle puppet seat and did a ventriloquist act…

If anyone steals that idea, send me some money.


Have you ever knocked your teeth out on a fall :astonished:

Sorry had to say it… :smiley:

lol thats one scary seat monster

I want one of those unicycle with the fake teeth. So i can tell people “My unicycle really packs a big bite” :stuck_out_tongue:

Saddle not the Horse!

As Unicyclist we are supposed to sit on the saddle and not on the Horses head!

That is a great picture!


Especially if that Horse is a Unicorn.


I think there was a custom dx thread a while back…

Here is the original UGLY.
The frame is available for sale.

Any old-timers remember the Cordy frame? Couldn’t find a picture, although once upon a long time ago UDC had a photo in their muni frame section. Looked big, ugly, bombproof, and very heavy. Not sure how many every made it into the market.

Does anyone have any pictures of that unicycle that was at last unicon. It was pieced together from mismatching parts and it looked like there was cord holding it together!

My eyes!
It burns!

I saw that “koxx one black African” the other day in the deleted users thingy, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t class as a unicycle though. It’s incredibly racist too, I was annoyed to say the least that someone had the nerve to make it and put it on here.

:astonished: What! They’re all named after drugs!?! I feel ashamed… you have disappointed me for the last time K1 :(.

Hah old news man.

And for anyone who wasn’t disapointed in K1 already you should ride my uni where even with fully tightened crank bolts the cranks still are too loose on the hub and therefore have play in them.

My hood ride.

Borgshulz’s uni was the worst I’ve ever seen. He wins hands down.

ahaha deal with it. I think personally it’s really funny.

and edd that’s a pure ghetto ride