The U(rsli)- Bar

(Ursli is our unicycle Club:

Test ride U(rsli)-bar from the view of the U(rsli)- bar

Hey guys, it’s me! The U(rsli)- bar. I have just returned from the first major test ride and it was really cool. But everything in order, so first back to the beginning: In the beginning was the big nothing, then came the light! The door opened a crack, light much into the bearing where I a thin-walled steel pipe led under my peers a shadowy existence. My Creator (he is praised) Christian Bless chose me, I the chosen one, I was destined to become something special! My Creator (he is praised), a gifted mechanic brought me into this wonderful U-shape (pictures) and so I became a Muni-bar. I have to admit, I am also something of a parasite, because without a saddle to which I can cling (i am screwed…) I do not make much sense. But in symbiosis with the Zero saddle of KH I am (quite immodest) already very perfect.
Today it was time and I wanted to do a test ride, I wished of course one of the best Muni-riders, unfortunately, all were far away or they had no time, so I had to make it with Markus Büchel (picture). Well, better than nothing … I hope his statements in the end in the interview I conducted with him, are still helpful for you.
We started with some uphill, most of it was hiking, that means I was pushed :blush:, that went very well with my form of course, best backwards, so I am also a real “U” (picture), then I drunk a little bit (picture) and some delicious blueberries eaten directly from the bushes (picture).
A little later, I briefly exchanged a cow about life in the Alps. At the small lake (picture) I took a break. Of course, Markus pushed for a picture, too, such a poser! But you also know him and know what a poser he is …
He then absolutely wanted to go to the peak (picture), but when I saw the rocks and the fixed rope, I said you could go up there, I’m waiting at the lake, I do not want to kill myself on the first ride!
Then it finally went on the long (1500 vertical meters), technical downhill. That was very cool, Markus was pretty much done (picture). In between, he made another Poser picture with a jump, I cut off his head as best I could in the picture and I am very well hit in the picture (picture). All in all a great ride (of course would have been better with a real Muni-rider), what I’d like to say is that I’m sorry for the saddle, all the time right under this ass! The tire is not much better with all the shit he has to deal with (picture).

Now to the interview with Markus:
U (rsli) -Bar (ub): Hi Markus, today was the first test ride. In addition I have a few questions for you, especially in comparison with the saddle/handle of mad4one (I admit that my creator (he is praised) was very much inspired by the other creator Marco Vitale). First to my exterior: how do you like how i look like? Whispering: Watch what you say !!
Markus Büchel (mb): Hi U, um … yes, a difficult question. I think you look a bit, how how shall I say it … archaic. The saddle/handle especially with the new cover looks sexier and cooler, more of a piece. You’re just a bit of a parasite sticking to the saddle …
ub: Not exactly friendly! Are you so undiplomatic with my weight as well?
mb: Your weight fits very well, including saddle only slightly heavier than the saddle/handle.
ub: How were you satisfied with the performance?
mb: I can give you a big compliment, really great! Stable, good length and angle, everything holds and is super stiff. Without a handleband, it was a bit slippery …
ub: Yes, there you are already blame if you ride me naked! Form me it wasn’t funny either, I was terribly ashamed every time someone met us!
mb: It’s good, next time you’ll be dressed!
ub: And will you recommend me?
mb: Sure, if I do earn some money … no, just fun. I think the saddle/handle is already very perfect, but if you want a different “right” saddle, you’re certainly the first choice. You just have to father some offspring (laughs).
ub: Is planned, maybe we stick on steel or try in aluminum or even titanium, I’ll ask Jogi Pfender
Thanks for the interview and accident-free ride!