The Tutorial to end all Tutorials!

Perfect your style, pratice lots, land the trick and ride away.
if you have any more questions there is a video coming soon that should settle them. thankyou.

A question I was thinking about for a long time but never found an answer:

What was first the tutorial or the trick?

Hmm… the first trick could be just riding the unicycle or in the cirkus, riding lines on the rope or something… :roll_eyes:

But HOW was someone able to learn it without a tutorial? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well if you make up a trick you dont need a tutorial you think it through and try it till you get the idea right;)

So how do you land exactly on the right pedal with your other foot on the right side of the crown after kicking the tire with your front foot to flip the cranks while you spin the unicycle under you?

I want to see a video of you explaining that… :stuck_out_tongue:


+1 I’ve been trying that one for ages…

This video already has a thread deep in the deep depths of the deep dark forums… but in saying that it’s the only video that could possibly answer all of you questions all at once.

please excuse me I was three parts hammered.

Any further questions?


lol that was good.

Yeah, you wonder if anyone can learn anything these days without one.