The Torker CX 24"

Alright all I have heard is terrrible things about this unicycle. I would like to know what is so bad about it? I am borrowing a Torker CX 20" from my friend which has been used for over 10 years (by multiple beginners) and is still in great condition! So why is the Torker CX given such a hard time?

take it of a stair set or 2. laugh when you faceplant because it broke under neath you and go buy something better.

I don’t intend on taking it off stairs or any kind of freestyle and trials. I just want it for sidewalk and street riding.

Well most people scoff at the CX because, although it is cheap and decent for learning to ride, it can’t handle anything more than a few inches of hops or drops. The Torker LX is a much better learner unicycle, still cheap, because it can last a bit longer than the CX and is more comfortable.

I can already ride a unicycle and free mount, I just need to buy one of my own. And personally, although it may sound strange, I have tried riding a torker LX and it just feels strange.

you ride something that is better it may feel strange.

:smiley: I suppose… Is the LX really that much better?

yeah. in pretty much every way. actually the cx post is better than a lx post. not sure why… :thinking: everything on the lx is way stonger than the cx. and the seat is way more comfortable

The CX might be o.k. for riding in general, there’s no immediate equiptment failure, but the cheaper materials do malform easily-- I think it’s a little off to compare all unicycles to what they can do on a stairset, you can break any unicycle that isn’t designed for trials that way (i.e. the LX), more to the point you could wreck a CX by dropping it on the crank or storing it in a cramped space or falling off of it-- it dosen’t wear well with use. The LX is made with better materials, the seat is still a brick, but it’s a decent unicycle for the price.

The CX is a better uni than the Cycle Pro I learned on and put many miles on as a kid. Of course this was before anyone decided going down stairs on a unicycle was anything more than completely stupid :smiley:

That said, I bent my LX the first time I took it off road. BUt then I’m 225 pounds of dork. My son does 2 foot drops on his LX and no ill effects other them bottoming out the tire. But he’s 65 pounds of stud.

Our neighbors got CX’s, and while the LX seat is nothing to write home about, it’s FAR better than the CX and well worth the extra $10-15 difference.

The LX will also take a slightly bigger tire than the CX too.

If you’re just riding on flats not planing to do anything “stupid”, then a CX will probably hold up OK, but the LX is still the better uni for basically the same price.

take a look at the seat. that hurts like crap after even a mile i really don’t like it get an LX or somthing from united. i have the sun from united and have gone of like…possibly a foot from memory.

Yeah, the seat sucks on the CX. Uncomfortable, tiny, and no handle. Other than that, just slightly better components…and the LX looks better.

but the DX will take 10 foot drops, and is great for trials/street, though the cx, as I’ve heard doesnt take to much, it is a great uni to learn on.

I bought the CX, I was happy for five years…

Now I want to start jumping, riding steps, etc, etc…

The seat is HORRID, I did a 17 mile ride a week ago and it was torture. The seat doesnt have a handle. So everythings hard to do…

now I have a LX seat around here somewhere but it doesn’t matter cause the CX uses a 1 cm smaller seat post. :angry:

And you might think, “well later i’ll just buy a unicycle meant for that if i want to do that!”

Except what if (like me) you decide you want to buy a coker and use all your money on that?

so IMHO go with the LX, i wish i had… :sunglasses:

arrrg…this reminds me of camp, had a great time, the place is called super summer, there was this kid with a CX, and he was riding all around, acting like he was the best out there, all bragging, and all he could do is bunny hop a little bit, I asked him If I could ride it, and told him all this stuff I could do, but he, aparantly was to stubborn for someone else to take his show, nomatter where I asked him, he wouldn’t let me ride it, made me sooo mad… :angry: