The Tokai-ness Monster

This is my second attempt at editing a video. Our shop brought in a new sample unicycle for curiosities sake, the Nimbus Oregon. I roped Ethan into joining me in the Forest to test the uni.

Armed with a GoPro and the Nimbus it morphed into a little shoot, where we tried to cover all the angles to cut together. I used iMovie HD (no longer compatible with Lion, who cares, Lion’s awesome!) to do the edit.

It’s short and I hope you enjoy it! If you can pass some advice onto a newbie, it will be more than welcome.

Don’t know anything about camera’s or editing but I enjoyed your video.

Cool video! I liked the fast editing, it matched the riding nicely. The filming was also good, creative angles and all of the shots were pretty smooth. It’s also awesome to see a video of the Nimbus Oregon, it looks insane!

Huuuge tyre on that machine… and hydro disc from stock?! Very cool…26" yeah? Nice riding and editing also :slight_smile:

Cool video! Good stuff! Esspecialy considering its your secong video. Like the typing :slight_smile:

very cool. we need more MUni videos!!

Awesome video :slight_smile: Fast paced, and loved the angles.

Took the Nimbus Oregon for a ride this past Saturday on a “chilled” ride with GirleeRyder. What a Monster uni !! It eats up the larger drops, such a smooth landing.

The brake is stock standard.

Thanks for all the cool comments everyone!