The Three Peaks Unicycle Challenge 2006

Lots of technology on my new phone, but not quite enough to post on RSU. :thinking:

I’ve just been speaking to a friend who went up Scafell Pike on a clear, sunny day; he said they were wondering at the time “why there were so many damn cairns all over the place”. :slight_smile:

Now we know why…


I have cake, which is coming to hockey, I hear that cake is a source of natural pain relief. So no excuses now. You can even have some before the game if you really need it!


Sometimes it’s hard to convey in writing how difficult something is, or how awful the weather can be. Hopefully Phil’s ‘exclusive’ write up for the Uni Mag will do justice to what the six of us riders and two drivers went though over the previous weekend. We’re deliberately not writing too much about the weekends exploits as it will spoil what’s going to be a very exciting and amusing (in parts) story of epic proportions. Get writing Phil :smiley:

The 3 Peaks Unicycle Challenge was never going to be easy and ended up being harder than we imagined. Apart from mass sleep deprivation, rain, driving winds and sub-zero windchills, physical exhaustion, etc, ect… we all actually enjoyed ourselves :smiley: …well, I did anyway ;).

Phil: Don’t forget to mention the sheep and the cows!

My brakes held out through-out and that’s possibly why I could walk the day after. All credit to the ones who opted not to listen to me (Phil) and fit brakes, plus the ones that had brake failures… are we walking up and down stairs yet? :stuck_out_tongue:

It really was a superb weekend, mainly due to some fantastic company, awesome riding and incredible driving to catch up lost time to give us a chance at completing the challenge.

Same again next year lads…? Er… NO!
Can’t wait to re-live the experience in the next issue of Uni Mag.

Steve (still on a HIGH, but EXTREMELY tired) :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Steve’s new sig line:

Once is NEVER enough!*

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I’m not going to be interviewed again as the BBC are really busy, the extra exposure would have been nice but I can’t say I like being interviewed (OK then I hate it).

Cake sounds great and I’m walking around now, even getting up and down stairs (slowly), so I’ll be at hockey tonight though I don’t know about the pain relief qualities of cake so I’ll take Ibuprofen and use some Radian B as a precaution (and probably be in goal :slight_smile: )


Better keep the stick down though as it sounds like you’ll struggle to complete a penalty lap of the pitch:D

Funny boy! :stuck_out_tongue:
Haven’t you got an article to be getting on with?


Rob The Rubbish, top right (although it looks like they update it a lot, so it might move…)


Independant proof that it wasn’t all a dream! :slight_smile: Fantastic!
I think I was probably having a nice cup of tea and a baked potato at that point…


Did you make your funding goal?

We don’t have the final figure yet, donations are still coming in, but we are certainly on our way and it’s not too late to donate. Thank you to everyone who has already kindly donated.

I’ve been in contact with the suppliers today and the wheelchair has just been released (what good timing) so demonstration, measurements for fitting and quote will be in a week or so. We will then be in a better position to see if we’re able to purchase it now, I do hope so.


BTW I was going to upload the news clip but it seems the gallery is down!

My son had the demo of the wheelchair yesterday and it went really well, it was hard to get him out of it. He spent most of the time with the seat elevated so he was the same height as me, granted I’m not tall but it is a huge difference for him and he couldn’t get over how different things looked, I can only imagine. It’s also quick, 13kph, so he can keep up with me on my Muni :smiley:

Along with the wheelchair being just released the prices have as well and we did find out that the cost is a quite a bit more than we’d anticipated, about 90% more. So if you haven’t donated, and were going to (or even if you weren’t :)), we are still collecting so it’s not too late and would be much appreciated.

On another note I’ve just watched the first 10 minute video of three from ‘The BMW 3 Peaks Challenge’ which was interesting and starts to show how hard the 3 peaks is.

Oh and the gallery seems to still be down, anyone know when it’ll be back up, Gilby? Or anywhere else I could post the news clip?


As long as it’s not toooooo huuuuuge, then I can bung it up on my web space.

Drop me an email and I’ll sort something out for you.



The local news video clip has now been uploaded here;

Small (2.4mb)
Big (9.2mb)



Thanks for hosting those files.


I would like to thank everyone who has donated towards the wheelchair for my son. It is due to be delivered to the suppliers head office tomorrow then after it is checked etc. delivered to my son, so hopefully not much longer for him to wait :slight_smile:

We have had a problem regarding a couple of envelopes that were sent C/O (UK). In the process of Roger sending a package on to me the Royal Mail lost it and it contained some cheques and two envelopes whose contents were unknown. If you did send a cheque could you check to see if it has been cashed, if it hasn’t it will have been in that package (somewhere in the depths of the Royal Mail :angry: ) so if you contact myself or Roger we’ll sort it out (the known cheques in the package have not been cashed).

Thanks again


Just a quick bump in case it was missed (how quickly can a thread drop off the front page nowadays)

Happy Chair Day to your son then :slight_smile:

That day will be tomorrow, 15th Jan, in the afternoon :smiley: Until then I have to deal with a very excited son.

BTW he’ll be at next weeks Winter Warmer with his new chair.