I felt a little creative so I made a … :thinking: … THING!

ny ventilhatt 001.jpg

and the other picture

Valve cap! Posibly the best ever made. Thats awsome.

Cool!Thats great.I’ve tryied to make several of those before,but,ethier the glue doesnt work or the hole i drilled makes it split.

Awesome, well done.


Make a small HOWTO! :slight_smile:

How to

Small “How To”:

  1. Take a random Chineese plastic toy.
  2. Drill a hole so it fits your existing THING.
  3. Squeese some glue into the new THING.
    4.Press your old THING into new THING.
  4. DONE!!

You’re a genius!
I’ll make one of my own tomorrow!

Interstingly (or perhaps not, depending what you find interesting :slight_smile: ) Jeff Groves had a very similar valve cap that Darren had made. Only the penguin was slightly larger and didn’t have the grey base around it.

I was toying with the idea of doing something similar with Pez heads.

sweet…i like it

where did you find the penguin

My dad has a funny story about one of his Mtn. Biking buddies who made a Mr. Spock valve cap. By the end of a rather intense ride, Mr. Spock’s ears were all worn off.

If your penguin gets some cool battle damage, keep us updated.

i just made one but my i cant upload the pic

but its a diniosor its prity cool

Penguins RULE! As does LINUX…
I must ask–is the penguin there because you use Linux?
I’m a fan of Linux myself, so it’s the first thing I naturally wonder any time I see a penguin…

My sisters room:D

is the penguin there because you use Linux?

Nope. Im a windows xp guy.

I just made one of a green duck. Mine was the easiest to make because it was one of those things that you put on the end of a pencil so i just took the valve cap off and put this one on.

cool we should all make one and have a contest to see whose is the best

i will post my pic of it later

here is a close up of my duck:


That is an extremely cool duck!
It would make a cool avatar also! (Not meant to criticize your current avatar, which is also pretty cool too)

where did you get the duck i want one