The "Thaw"

Jeremy sent me his latest video, and so I’m posting it here. Good to see a little snow isn’t keeping him and others from riding. That’s dedication I tells ya! :slight_smile: It looks like he’s getting really close to crank flips too, and I’m jealous! :p;)

Np. Looked like fun SUni! Looks like you’re gonna get those crank flips pretty soon too. :smiley:

I like how he has shin pads on while shoveling snow.

Cute music & style. The tricks all look quite doable, so I’m encouraged that I could do that, and really should get out there (it snowed today) and do something/make a film.

Youre clearly having too much fun. Remember… unicycling is very very serious.

Power on Kid … I liked it and your enthusiasm!

awesome video