The T7 and evil voices

This is about my T7 handle and a hacksaw. The T7 sits on my 36" Nimbus and the hacksaw lies in my toolbox. Lately strange voices has entered my head saying that I should take the hacksaw and start cutting the T7 handle. Not the whole thing, only the little handle at the rear. I answer them that when walking my Nimbus I find it practical. But the voices insist. They bring back unhappy memories from incidents when my baggies got stuck on the handle. Come on, they say, you know you want to get rid of the thing. It is ridiculous! And don’t tell us that it can be used as a stand because it can’t. It is also a lousy place to tie any luggage because it would get in the way when you mount. This piece of blue tubing is a joke! It has no place on a serious unicyclist’s vehicle. What are you waiting for? the voices yell. Cut the silly thing off!

Are those voices evil? Or should I bring out the hacksaw?

Well if you don’t use it and it just attacks you when you mount why not, I don’t think it will do it any harm.

you could cut the t piece off and leave the rest of the tube intact, it would leave you with something protecting the seat, something to push it by, could still mount water or luggage on it.

I too have heard these voices. Chop that useless extremity. In fact, do what another RTLer did and drill holes in the front portion as well. It makes it look like the barrel of an assault rifle.

Well you’re crazy and need help:D As for the voices I don’t think cutting off the back of the handle would really help you that much unless you constantly get castrated by it or if you are a massive weight weenie. For me the only time the back part gave me trouble is from this one time I tried to jump mount my 36 which is pointless anyway. It shouldn’t really get in the way of your mounting unless you are jump mounting which is stupid like I said before. The back part is also an awesome pushing handle andmakes it super easy to walk it compared to any other pushing configuration. The back also has a spot for an additional water bottle if you are a thirsty drinker:) and I’m sure there are some good luggage mounting possibilities with it too. The pros are way heavier than the cons. Don’t do it man!

My little voice says don’t wear the baggies.

Superfluous. Lose it like a sixth toe.

Several people at RTL had chopped off the back bit of the T7 with no problems.

I think it might be useful if you have luggage attached under it - I rode 150 miles with a sleeping bag in roughly that position once. You mount in front of the luggage anyway, so no problems there.

Having said that I tend to try my hardest not to attach any luggage to the unicycle, it’s almost always better on your back (or better still left at home if you don’t really need it).


I’d love to know your reasoning behind this, I’d have thought getting some weight mounted on the uni would aid saddle comfort by decreasing the total load on your arse.

but then it rattles lose, get caught in the wheel and falls out :roll_eyes:

I heard those voices just before RTL. I already had a spare T7 on order, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to listen to them. So my T7 handle became a 7 handle (I’m sure the T I cut off will come in handy for something… just dunno what yet).

In terms of handling, it made no difference what so ever.

In terms of weight saving, it didn’t make any difference that I noticed.

In terms of luggage storage, I didn’t notice it was gone as I never fix anything to it.

In terms of getting in my way, it was no better or worse than before.

In terms of pushing the unicycle around… I really miss it. After having a T7 for so long, I just really grew accustom to having the handle bit at the back to hold the uni by when not riding.

I also heard the voices saying “Drill! Drill! You know you want to drill big holes all over it”. These were the scary ones though, and as my spare T7 didn’t arrive until after I left for RTL, I’m glad I didn’t weaken the one I went with.


I hear you. Probably I’ll just cut away some 15–20 mm on each side of the handle so they don’t mess with my baggies. Drilling holes? Doesn’t that make the T7 sound like a flute?

I couldn’t tell people what the what that back piece of the T7 was good for. Then I tried hanging a small bike bag underneath it and the bag fit snug. This was great, I finally had a place to put a cell phone and wallet. Then I went riding.

I kept dropping the unicycle on dismounts. Turns out I was in the habit of catching my Nimbus 36 by the back handle and now the small bag blocked my hand from grabing it. After a few rides I removed the bag because I just could not break my old habit.

So be careful, you may miss that rear handle when it’s gone.

I reckon it would sound more like a recorder in the hands of a 3-year-old.

Although if you got the hole placement and fingering right, I’m sure we could get an orchestra going in time for the Unicon marathon!

Lets see: Different handles would be enough to cover the whole woodwind and brass section, ‘correctly’ tensioned 36" wheels for the strings sections, bike bells for percussion. Each start group would need the correct balance of tenors, basses and sopranos of course.

I think you’re on to something!

It was I who drilled the holes in my T7.
It took a lot of time and effort, as the hard chromoly was difficult do drill through, and only saved a little weight. It sure looked cool though!

I chopped my t7 pretty soon after I got it. It meant that my coker would fit in the back of my car without having to take the seat assembly off.
I think it looks better too, personally.

I definitely do not regret having done either of the modifications.

Weight on the unicycle makes the unicycle handling suck. Up hills and turning corners are where you notice it much. Off road touring in particular, any noticeable weight on the unicycle itself is a nightmare. You don’t have control over it, whereas weight on your back, you can pull in the straps tight and keep under control on the technical sections.

Weight on the unicycle is okay on pure road without too big hills, as long as you don’t put too much weight on, more than a couple of kg and it will be rubbish.

If you take a sensible amount of stuff, it doesn’t change saddle comfort much - if it is making a difference, that’s more a sign of having too much stuff with you. Which is the other bad thing about racks etc; they encourage you to take heavy gear. In all the stories about failed multi-day rides that you hear, too much heavy gear, or injuries caused by pushing heavy gear up hills is pretty much always the thing that stops people.


Well, I haven’t been posting for a long time, but since this subject
has risen up…
I’ve heard those voices too, but as well I have heard voices about abandoning
the T7 thingy totally… Why? I’ve been rinding a 36er for a year now and since the beginning I was using T7. It surely looked good, it surely provided great handle to lean on, but also the razor-sharp endings in the front part had bitten my thighs almost every time I tried to freemount the beast. :astonished: Thus I hated freemounting 36er, I feared it as heck. :angry:

A 2 weeks ago I removed the T7 and… yay! now the 36er seems much lighter,
way nimbler, no more fears of running into sharp parts of T7 :slight_smile:
Now I can freemount 36er much more confidently and even the whole riding
started to be much more fun than before :smiley: :slight_smile:

Of course I’ll be happy to find a better solution for the handle: I was thinking
about cutting off the sharp-angled parts and filling the place with nice and round epoxy-glue finish, but I have no idea if it would be durable enough.
Or maybe self-made handle – seems I can’t be able to avoid welding since
here in Poland (and probably in Europe) tandem parts like stoker stems practically don’t exist.


To learn from example:

I had a sleeping bag, spare set of clothes, and a lightweight tarp mounted to a seatpost rack on my nimbus 36 as well as a relatively heavy pack on my back and I blew out my right knee. I am still recovering from this injury and I don’t know if it was from the backpack, the rack, or none of the above, but either way…it simply just isn’t worth it.

It does ease saddle comfort, and when I first tried it out, it wasn’t too awkward of a feeling to have weight attached to the uni in the back, but I think over 15 miles the awkward weight just blew out my knee. If you are going to mount stuff on to your uni, mount it under the seat as close to the frame as possible.

The latest version of the T7 handle has these corners smoothed off. If you’re able to get to Unicon you should see quite a few like this and try one out.

I’ve been riding with the T7 for a couple of weeks now on my Coker. I really like the handle in front, but my leg keeps hitting the T crossbar when mounting.

As for pushing the uni while not riding, I like holding the front handle down low in front of me and pushing it that way.

I had the new coker handle, but did not like it. Kept rubbing on my legs.

I’m thinking of removing the top of the tee, leaving the water bottle bosses. That would leave space for mounting a light or toolbag.