The Switch Trick Video

Hey everyone, here it is:

*A switch trick (for those of you who are not familiar with the term) is a trick done with your non-dominant hopping foot forward. So if you hop/do tricks right foot forward, then if you do the trick left foot forward it is considered to be “switch”. Switch Fakie is tricking from a switch stance while riding backwards.

The only switch tricks that have been done before this video are switch crankflip and switch backflip (to my knowledge). So every other switch trick is new. Enjoy.

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Large Version Download Link (15mb)
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that was reli good man!

do you find now that your switch position for hopping and doing tricks is pretty much the same as your normal position? looks like youve got it down pretty solid.

that switch treyflip looked crazy hard, congrats!

Yeah I definitly wouldn’t say my switch position is the same as my normal position but it sure has gotten alot better than it was before. When I go to rolling hop something (if it isn’t too tall), then I don’t have to worry too much about my pedaling since I can hop up it with either stance.

That was some incredible riding, I can’t imagine how much time you must put into unicycling every week! Those were some nice bails on the switch treflip, but the time you landed it was insanely smooth. Awesome work.