the swiss and liechtenstein muni event elsbet 11!

Yesterday we had our first helpers meeting and now the team turtle want to make you a Christmas gift: Registration is open!

Elsbet 2011 10.-13. June

This rustic “Elsbet” is in its fifth edition, this will remain the same as every year and something else becomes new. The property is the same as last year:
There will be more shuttle buses, old and new great tours (also XC if desired), barbecues (Zigeuner!!) And again a few surprises!

On Saturday afternoon we will conduct the world’s first slopestyle, this from near the village of Malbun. All participants can win great prizes!
In addition, we will arrange for the kids from the region a small unirace in Malbun (Julia, Sarah, Valentine, Andi, Silvia and I work out three unicycle groups). In addition, there will be a catering, unicycle games, great evening entertainment (surprise!) and hopefully a lot of audience!


Cost: 95.-CHF (€: with current rates) including accommodation in the lodge, dinner, packed lunch for lunch, breakfast, t-shirts, participation in the Slope Style and the ultimate Elsbet 2011 CD!
The places in the cabin are limited to 45 (when they are full, then you can stay in a hotel, tent or Womo)

-15 Franken: without T’shirt
-10 Francs without accommodation in the lodge (tent, or hotel in Malbun Womo)

Getting there: At the earliest on Friday after lunch!

Registration: Please note we only accept handwritten applications sent by post (the younger ones I like to explain what this is all ;-)), registered is who sent the letter, and paid the money.
This has to be in the application: Full Address, vintage, t-shirts size or yes / no, reasons why you want to come to the Elsbet 20101 (also drawings are welcome, we’ll make the most original award again). It takes into account the declarations of the date of arrival (letter and money)

Everything goes to:

Markus Büchel
Floraweg 11
9490 Vaduz

Post account:
No. 90-67692-6 / IBAN CH02 0900 0000 9006 7692 6 / BIC POFICHBEXXX
Note: soon to be followed by an account in Liechtenstein, there may be less fees (with justification is to be paid also the only possible Elsbet)

We look forward to seeing you!

Team Turtle (turtle, Julia, Sarah, Valentine, Marc, Andi) and helpers (Silvan, Ernst, Rosmarie, Thomas, Verena, Christoph)

what is “slopestyle”?
(I will really like to attend again this year… but I am working with 5 days shifts and am unable to guess wether I’ll be free at those dates … unless I get fired sooner than expected :stuck_out_tongue: )

would be cool to see you theer again!

slopestyle: there will be a grassy area (downhill) with some ramps and other obstacles in it, you choose your line yourself and try the most spectaclar tricks over the ramps.
will be fun to ride and to watch! (you don’t have to ride the slopestyle), will have also other unigames for less advanced riders.

it looks like that david weichenberger, the pöhams and also cedric vincent are coming again: they will be fun to watch them riding the slopestyle!

may I suggest “dancing” with the munis … a gentle, grassy slope and the figures do not need to be spectacular but in rythm (group dancing!)
I can bring my trumpet to play some waltz (or tyroler knappen tanz :D)!
waltzing rythm is easy so the public can clap their hands to set the pace for the “dancers”… Yod-lalee-lo!

we proudly announce the first uni slopestyle contest!

participants will be top riders like:

the pöham brothers (austria)
david weichenberger (austria)
cedric vincent (switzerland)
lutz eichholz (Germany)
jacob spera (USA)

and many more!!!

it’s also part of the muni series “taste of mud”