The Swedish Cycle Act film online

Hi all Cycle people!

A performance of The Swedish Cycle Act, taken during one of there shows in Germany are availble on Direct Connect servers! The adress to the dc server is Search for The Swedish Cycle Act… Amazing stuff!

Visit there homepage for more information!

Epix :wink:

Yes, The Swedish Cycle Act does have a very good show. I had mentioned them back in March (see this thread).

I downloaded the video from the P2P network. It’s 133,000 KB and in MPEG-2 so you’ll need DVD player software to play it. I recompressed it and made it a 13,500 KB WM9 (Windows Media 9) file. The WM9 file is currently shared on the same P2P network.

You’ll need DC++ and you’ll need to connect to the server. You’ll also need to share out about 2 GB of files before the server will let you connect. I had to share out my entire porn collection (unicycle videos) before it would let me connect to the server.

The video is about 8 minutes long. It shows things like riding a tandem artistic bike like a giraffe, a giraffe uni spin, a 6 foot giraffe to 8 foot giraffe transfer, self mounting an 8 foot giraffe, artistic bike riding and other amazing skills. They do a very good show.

Nice! U can upload the video on a webserver if u have space over somewhere! We are 3 people involved in The Swedish Cycle Act Erik,Roger and Andre… Our other grups called Bellboys and Cycling triss. We will preform again in some month… Erik are working right now in Denmark and ill be back soon! Check our backstagepics under the gallery link to see the aktuell line up…!
Keep on rolling people!!!


Swedish Cycle Act

I put a copy of the video in my Monster gallery. I put the small 13,500 KB version in the gallery since it’s an easier download. It’s in Windows Media 9 format.

Which part of The Swedish Cycle Act are you? You mention three people but there are only two performers in the video.

Jepp! I’m Andre… I do the tandem and “normal bike” In Bellboys I do the unicycle and in Cyclingtriss I only use my friend Erik! Becouse he is the only one I meet that can do the tricks in good mode that Roger did… Roger got married in Japan and don’t work so much anymore. I´ll check ur gallery!

I just finally downloaded the vid from John Childs’ Monster Gallery. Great cycle skills and a nice presentation! The video might be more accurately labeled something like this:

The “Down in front!” unauthorized amateur video of the Swedish Cycling Act

Hey, were any of you at the Youth Circus Festival in Riga, Latvia in 1990? I was there with Greg Milstein from USA, and the Bellboys (or an earlier version) were there with their coaches. Hi!

The act was cool. I never thought of going from one giraffe to another by doing a rolling-type mount. I also liked the tiny wheel with big wheel doing opposite circles. I have never tried an “artistic tandem” before, and never seen it on video, only very old pictures.

It looked like the guys (the bikes) were a little short on space on that stage, but you made it fit. If your experience is anything like mine, that is usually what happens. You say you need 6x8 meters, they say no problem, but in truth they have no idea how deep their stage is…

Hi John!

Yes true the video is not so professional filmed!

I was not with the Bellboys in Riga but we still do the same number as then! The Bellboys change members everyyear, but I remeber when they was in Riga and I wasen’t good enoght then to join them! I was only 14 years old ! My tandembike is homemade by the coaches you meet there! I began preform on that bike 1994.

True about space! Allways the same problem! 68 m from the begining… After the arranger put rekvisita and things on stage so in the end u have 33 m!! But when that happends we cut down the number.

By the way I heard that you are a really good unicyclist!! Where can I find videos from you??