The Summit MUni's dirty little secret

I think we as a community, since we are also the market, should boycott Summit Mt. Unicycles for the following reasons.

WilsonBikes and the manufacturer of the Summit MUni think little of stealing from the MUni community (ie. Kris Holm, Nathan Hoover and Scot Cooper)

First they ripped-off a picture directly from a newspaper article Feb. 2001:

Then the manufacturer ripped-off intellectual property from KH in summer 2002.

Now, I hear ooos and aaahs cause they’ve got the best deal for the money. Why should anyone care that these companies get away with ripping others off to make a buck?

I say, boycott the b**tards for unethical practices and let them know we are on to them. When few or none are buying there unicycles, they will get the message where it hurts them the most, at the bank.

When you buy the Summit Trials uni, you contribute to Kris the same as when you buy one of the new KH’s. He gets the same royalties.

it seems to me, based on this thread, that both and Kris are aware of this. The fact that its for sale at suggests to me that some understanding was reached between those involved.

The Drummonds are very honest people, and I seriously doubt that they are knowingly ripping off Kris and Norco. I do think that it would be useful to hear from someone who knows the details of what happened, though.


Alright ill give it to you straight. In an e-mail from Kris, he told me that since Mr. Drummond is such a cool guy, he is giving him the same royalties as he gets for the KH. Like it or not, buying a summit is supporting Kris so go for it.


Yes…the Drummonds are good people. Did you notice that they were not included in the opening to this thread? My beef is with the manufacturer and the distributer.

If Kris is getting some royalties from Drummond, then that’s fine, but Kris should be compensated by the manufacturer and the distributer since it was his design/property. Remember that the Summit is from a run of cycles that Norco and Kris didn’t want.

I’d like to hear from Kris or J.D., but my guess is that the mfg. and the distributer(Wilson) are shady operators.

Kris is in Guatemala i think until christmas, I could be wrong

Why are they advertising the Summit as a mountain unicycle? I thought it was a trials uni.



Kris Holm designed the Summit unicycle as an earlier prototype of the Norco KH soon to be out. The ONLY WAY he will see a dime from that, as far as I can determine, is through UNICYCLE.COM. Out of the kindness of his heart, John D. has decided to himself to compensate Kris for those Summits sold through him.


See the pattern.

Summits sold through UNICYCLE.COM, Kris gets royalties

Summits sold elsewhere (ie. your local bike shop) KH is screwed.

There is something we can do. Solidarity!!!

Buy ALL Summits through and Kris will be compensated the way it could have been set up by the manufacturer.:smiley: :smiley:

So the Summit Trials is a, like, an evil unicycle? I was interested in getting one. :thinking:

OK, The Summit Trials uni is not evil. It is a good deal! 300$ for a splined hub! We should be happy.
And for the few that make it to your LBS, shouldnt we all be kinda happy that unicycles are finally getting out more.
I mean im a big fan of Kris and all, and i would understand if did not give him royalties, but with how they worked it out, we should be at least not spiteful.

interesting thread with some possible legal ramifications?
i’m quite confused and will check back to c if some voice of reason can put this story in some perspective