The Suicide Flip

Some day, I will bust you! :smiley:

Wow. I think I’ll just skip crank flips completely and learn something else. Kris Holm should make padding for your crotch.

nice! You was really close few times :slight_smile:

ps. sounds like Finntroll :stuck_out_tongue:

That looked painful! Hopefully you’ll land it soon!

Awww… I thought it was a new trick :stuck_out_tongue:

So did I.

Oh, I thought they were trying to make a crank flip landing only on their saddle (feet free in the air).

Into a coast??? I doubt he was trying that… but maybe? XD would make sense of the name in a way, probably a better name for it would be something like… mankiller.

i think it should be where you jump off the unicycle and do a flip and land back on the seat. that would be cool

Suicide flip I guess would be like the suicide mount but you throw the unicycle.

Hmm… Maybe I should try doing crankflip to land on the seat again… :stuck_out_tongue: tried it down a ledge at EUC winter '10…Suicideflp would actually be a cool name for that :smiley:

Do inventors of new tricks get to name them?

Who’s the inventor? The person with the idea or the one landing it first? (I’d prefer the latter!)

yeah the first person who lands it should be the creator and the one to choose the name :slight_smile: Or like hickflip, it was invented by Shaun Johanneson, but called hickflip after Kelly Hickman, because he won a competition, against Shaun, about doing hickflip down the largest stair… :stuck_out_tongue: