The Street Styles Trailer

that ending is perfect, i love how it all goes tits up so suddenly and how the music is stopped at just the right time

Really I love the vid’ I love steet riding!! but could anyone explain the differences between: -Old School -Big Street -New School

p.d.:or any link? I think that Old and New school I can difference but If yoy can explain me… :roll_eyes: Thank you very much!:wink:

cool vid ha and nice fall

In my eyes old school street is just creative progressive street without flips.

New school street is flips. Fliping out of and into, up and down. Etc.

Big street is just old school or new school and taking it BIG, down a large set/drop etc.

But many people have their own ideas about it, I’d love to see other peoples videos with a outline between what they think is which.

I like to mix it up, but for this vid I’ll keep each style seperate but I’ll probably work the big street into each of them.

Ditto what everyone else said. Great vid, wall was insane, not so keen on the second footplant.

However, I have a question. Ever since I saw your first vid, I’ve wondered about ‘Team H.’ Are you the only member?

Theres more members

I’m just the only one that posts vids on these forums.

Recently anyway lol.

Okay, thanks!

And that trick that you do at about 0.55, what is that called? :stuck_out_tongue:

agreed there, i cant wait for the full video!

At 0.55… Treyflip, sex change. Its a wee dark isnt it. I like riding in the evening.

Cant wait til the full thing comes out;)

It’s been over 2 months and I’m getting impatient! Hurry up please Chris :sunglasses:

The re-songing should take a little while


The wall ride was nuts!

hehe :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve seen almost the whole of his new vid.He has to re-edit it cause marcus hahn used chris’s song in his new vid.Expect something amazing :smiley:

Yeah don’t worry about the song thing. Its annoying reediting but I havn’t got all the footage I want yet so even if I was using the same song, it would still probably take the same amount of time.

Should be done sometime soon. Maybe :stuck_out_tongue: Will be finished before september f’sure.

I might make a “side project” flat video. Cause I ride flat a lot but don’t want too much flat in the street video. So I might just make a flat vid to get all the flat out of my system.

A flat vid would be cool. I just watched that vid that stole your song and I’m pleased you can’t use that song. But hurry up please. Septembers 2 months away, I don’t want to wait that long lol.

Yeah I didn’t think you’d like the song. But it went sooo good with the riding and editing. Too good to be true so it seems.

+1 :wink:
Its incredible


You could just use it anyway. I mean why does it matter if someone else used it?