The Street Styles Trailer

Went riding today and decided to try some new more creative things. Some worked… some didn’t… All of the bigstreet/old school tricks were really easy (landed first or second try) BUT I think they look so much better.

Some of you will laugh at this video (some parts are pretty lame, I apologize for the small rails (this is after all a trailer))

Hopefully I captured the 3 main types of street in this video, its pretty short. The main video will big much bigger, better lines, quality, creativity. EVERYTHING! :smiley:

Edit: The bail is nice isnt it :smiley:

Wow, that was good, am excited for the full video

Haha the end was just classic! Reminded me of myself, you just went all-in to your fall.

lol! It was good, but the footplant things looked kinda rediculous :P. I guess that was the “old street”? Anyway I look forward to the real vid, are you gonna try ride down that thing at the end again? :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, you deserve a sponsor when you start riding down vertical walls.

Great trailer. Looking forward to the full thing.

One question; Is it going to be a long vid, or a 5 minute clip?

Some really balsy things in there. You are insanely good.

Ah that was nice man. I’m stoked to see it.

Somethings actually just some up, so the vid might be on hold…

But if you know me I’ll find a way anyhow.

Probably about 6 minutes or so, 2 minutes for each style.
(Its going to be hard doing 2 minutes of old school lol).

That is one of THE BEST videos I’ve seen! Great riding, fast paced, variety, good music choice and very creative; I especially thought it was very clever the way you “cut” the music the moment you UPD’d off the steep wall! Props man!:smiley:

WHAM! and the music ends…
haha! perfect. looking forward to the full one.

Oh man, this was awesome. I’m pumped for the video.

You are a brave one for riding like that without leg protection. I surely wouldn’t risk it haha.

Yeah… You kinda just teach yourself to simpley not get shined haha. If you look at how I do triples you can see theres pretty much no possible way to mess it up.

I still wear pads for fifthflips and when I’m trying new moves that involve doubleflips.

I thought the first footplant was nice, the one at 20 seconds. The other one wasnt as good though. Looking forward to seeing the full vid.

Would you have prefered it if I just did it as a mount?

“Oh sorry, i couldn’t hear you over the sound of how awesome this vid was.” One thing though, at 0:35 I thought you would do that trick where you grab the tire and the frame spins around the wheel, I think they’re called seatwhips, that would have been awesome!

That is some awesome riding dude! Can’t wait until the full movie!
What is the song called by the way?

And that ending is just classic! I laughed out really loud! (“lol’ed” sounds creepy, huh?)

I lol’ed 10 seconds after it happened :stuck_out_tongue:

The songs Crawling in the dark by Hoobastank. From their first, non-poser non-teeny bopper album.

Haha, are you sure that’s crawling in the dark? unless they did the song twice with different lyrics and different bg music.

Holy crap! Haha oh yeah its “Pieces” :stuck_out_tongue: I got mixed up cause I was listening to crawling in the dark when I posted that. HAHAHA. Its very early here…

verry keen for the old school part.