the story of the very first unicycle. (the orange story)

sweet, I finally got off my lazy tuccas and wrote up the history of the unicycle.

for all yall who arnt cool, and didnt go to toque 2004, lemme lay it on ya:

so I was at toque, and I found myself in the all to common position of having a microphone thrust upon me and having nothing to talk about, and there was an audience. I decided that it was in the best interest of if I kept the show moving, so I started talking about this and that, double pizza boxs, you know, same ol same ol. and somewhere along the line, I decided it was a sweet plan to try to make up the history of the unicycle. I was telling my story, and we were all having a good old time, and somehow I got interupted, and that was it.

after the event, lots and lots of people approached me demanding to know the rest of the story. and I was all like “uh, yeah, Ill put it on my website later.”
so a few weeks later I ate a really good sandwich at this place called 7 subs.
uh, right. um, whats today? the octobererth? shit, toque was a mad long time ago, fashizzle. so it took me a couple months, who cares? Im sure not more then ten people killed themselfs over this.

check it foo:

uh, yeah, I didnt want to procrastinate, so I decided to put off all my procrasitnation for later, it worked out.


(chairman and ultimate mega sweet ruler of also CEO. and uh, king.)
(also, read the toque story.)(if you havent.) (if you’re cool you already have) (are you cool, man?)

Nice story!!! Far-fetched but good.

Awesome Dan! You the man. BTW, you should hear Beau and friends singing the “Welcome to” song. It’s still funny.


Great story!:smiley:

Thats not new. I think i read that like months ago.

dude its hella new, I donno what your talking about. well ok I do.

turns out I lied, I never really got off my lazy tuccas. after I wrote that and put it online, it took me like 3 weeks to get my act together and put a link up. but eh, thats why they call me Tim the terrifying taranchala.

oh, uh, I guess nobody really calls me that.

I probably spelled taranchala wrong too.

Is stan bull,


Constant ton apple,


That’s… interesting.

very very nice…


Great to finally get the whole story.
Like many others, I have been waiting
for months to get the rest of it.

Can’t wait for the 2005 story…

We will have a massive supply of
double pizza’s, pumplemoose and Kinder eggs
at TOque '05


That’s an ubercool non-crocodile story! (Even though a crocodile features in it.)

Klaas Bil

The link is not working for me :angry:

Strange. Try again. Else, try the top page and click the first link in the What’s New section.

Klaas Bil

That link is not working either. It just says “server is blahdi blah, it wont let you see this page”

Hate it when thet happends.

ya dan!!!

that was different…