THE storm shin guards

well after getting tired of my beat up 661’s i started looking around the ol’ interweb for a new shin guard that is going to do the job for all my leg protection needs. and ladies and gentlemen i believe i may have found it. i just order them so i’m not 100% sure that they’re going to work, but i’ll be sure to post a full review after i get them. i did however read info from and talk to a bunch of mtb and bmx riders that use these and the all around verdict is that they’re amazing. they all said that due to the way they strap on you still have a very wide range of motion(which is a good thing in uni riding). they also sad that they stay in lace amazingly well which so far has been the biggest issue for me when it comes to shin guards so hopefully these will work well.

so has anyone else out in uni world tried these bad boys yet?

Looks like awesome protection in the front. But as for the back I have two words:

Calf tracks. :astonished:

I own a pair of '09 Kris Holm knee/shin guards, and for some reason I simply can’t get along with them. Perhaps I ordered the wrong size. They just seem cumbersome.

I much prefer my pair of SixSixOne Race Lite pads:

I wouldn’t say it’s the most protective pad, but it’s certainly easy to deal with and provides good protection up front.

SixSixOne seems to have decided to make it funny looking and call it something else for 2010, but it still appears to be the same thing:

i wear tall socks when i ride and never ever ride in shorts so i don’t think i’ll have much issue. plus all the mtb riders i talked to said that the hole is much smaller than it looks in the pictures