The Spring Roll

Hey guys and gals!
I Finally finished my film! I call it “The Spring Roll”.
It’s 6:20 long and contains some unicycling and some other funny stuff.

Spring [22 mb]

Spring Roll.wmv [23 mb]

The music is:

Timbuktu - Stirra Ner
Robert Broberg - Vatten

Good riding!:slight_smile: Nice 1-footer.

Looks like you had some fun. I was hoping you’d jump off the front loader after they moved the bucket up much higher!

What happened to your leg armor? You wouldn’t have bloody knees if you had some 661s!

You should of had the guy take you up higher, then jump, that would of been sweet =p

But your video was great, everyone was having fun so it had that happy-go-lucky feeling to it as i was watching. =p

that was cool…
and that filip guy deserved it…
good job guys…
keep the ‘woop ass’.

good job. looks like a fun time

haha awesome. Did you ask the store owner to lift you up or what?

nice video

Nice Vid, How do you enjoy your Kris H frame?


I really liked that video. Very well made, it looked like a lot of fun.

I liked it. Poor Filip, what did he do to you? Your riding style reminds me of Sabin’s.


Thanks to everyone for the nice comments!, it motivates me a lot!

yeah, we saw a guy sitting in the machine so I asked him if I could jump from the scoop.

I like it,like it a looot. It´s light and blue but not so shine anymore, I don´t really have a problem with hitting my knees on any frame and certainly not with this frame.

I´m glad you liked it. Filip didn´t really do anything. We just like to beat him a little :wink: I don´t really agree with my style looking lika Sabins’s. Sabin is waaaay better than me.