The Solo Unicyclists Thread

Is it me or do I see two or more unicyclists in every movie. I know no one who unicycles like me. Anyone else out there that can relate:(

99% of the time i ride alone.


same here, the 1% was the one or two times i brought my uni to my friends house, which he had his also… Currnetly his is broken.

In relation, if anyones going to be at the father hennipin lake/camp area this weekend, PM me, i’m gonna be riding there a bit, i’ll be with my family, but i’ll have my uni along. Contact me, and i’ll see if i could ride with you. If not, and you see me, say hey. Hell, just start screaming like your getting murdered if you’ll think i’ll notice you easier. Hope to see someone.


I mostly ride alone, my vids only have me in them.

Hmm, I suppose you didn’t see this thread? :slight_smile:

unicycling is my getaway when i just need to go away and think or be alone and relax.
… but thats just chilled riding, when i’m pumped i go crazy and do cool stuff.
maybe i’ll make a chilled out vid.

if i’m not at a meet, most of the time i ride without other unicyclists. i’m not normally alone though.

because few people ride in my area, people tend to want to chat or distract me from my practising new stuff. sometimes i try to get away from places where people will gather or try and chat, so i can get working on new stuff without distractions. if you wanna be seen ride during the middle of the day, when the sun is hottest. if you really wanna get stuff down, ride when it’s a little cooler- in the evening, at night, or sleep during the day and ride from about an hour after the clubs shut until dawn.

me too

I have never ridden with another unicyclist

unless i’m at a meet i rarely ride with other unicyclists. but a good way to to have people around and help support you when your riding/trying new stuff is to become friends with some skaters that appreciate unicycling as an extremem sport and go out and ride with them. they’ll help you stay focused on riding and trying new things…least thats what i do.

I rode on my own for about 4 years, still do most of my training alone.
It’s character building.

I’ve never even seen a kid my age on a unicycle! So, 100% of the time I ride alone.

I ride alone, no sidekick for this bad boy.

i got someone to ride with today!

Ive never ridden with another unicyclist either >< Its a lonely world of us ><