The sob story of a holy tire.

Last Friday i decided that i would go to the skate park on the way back from getting gas for my car. It was the perfect temperature, I had just taken my last final of the week, and i had finished all my homework. I was very excited and nothing was going to ruin my day. i got to the skate park and I noticed that my friend from middle school was there. This day kept getting better. i rode around for a few more minutes and i was landing every thing that i tried. handrail to fakie out. the huge ledge i have tried and failed so many times. the stair set that i hurt my ankle on a few weeks ago. In short it was an awesome day.
Then i noticed the camera crew taking some pictures of some skaters. i noticed the emblem on one of their shirts and recognized is as the “Skullcandy” logo. Skullcandy is a company that makes headphones and other related items. i own a set of skullcandy headphones and i love them. i talked to them for a while and they were saying it would be cool if they got a picture of a unicyclist wearing their headphones. they told me to come back to talk to them a gain in a few minutes.

Does it get any better!?!

i rode around for a while and was still having a great time. This is the sad part. There is this ledge that i have been having a hard time hopping up and i thought i would give it a go. i tried it once and i chickened out right before i jumped. i rode back to my starting point. A couple of skaters were watching from a few yards away. i had to do it. i rode up a little faster then usual. right before the ledge i realized that i was a bit off mark. i would be a little closer then i would have liked when my peddles were in their proper position. i had to do it so i just went for it. i landed on the edge and had to do a correction hop But all was well! I had landed it! i rode up to my friend and we were talking for a minutes. i felt good. i wanted to get back on the concrete and ride. i stepped on the peddles and started to ride. i almost fell on my face. the tire was completely flat. i ran home to patch it. i found two holes, fixed them and then drove back to the skate park. i opened my trunk to see that my tire was flat again. upon later investigation i learned that in my haste i had missed 3 more holes in my tire!

I popped my tire in 5 places from one flawed rolling hop,I missed a great opportunity, and worst of all my ride at the skate park was cut short.

Oh well. i was back on with a new tire that night.

ok… sorry?

This is why i never patch. I always just replace the tube + I always have a tube with me on rides.

I have never ever popped a tube on my uni.

i hzve pinch popped like 15 tubes
at least!!!
6 in one day!

how do you do that?
i now have a motorcycle tube that is serving me well, but it could be a slightly better fit.
its a 14" x 2.75-3 tube and it needs to be a 15" x 2.25-2.5 (thats motorcycle for 19"trials)

dag, yo.

where can i get extras?

i had a BMX rim/tire
the stock DX
back in the day …
now my uni PWNS
but i popped my tube on a decent rolling hop.
if this works… its a motorcycle tube for a trials unicycle

good price too.