The smallest 36" unicyclist rider?

OK, who is the smallest one riding a 36" uni? I want to know. I’m tired of being small, I want an ENORMOUS wheel one day lol. With a motor and huge wheel and then I can plow over anyone who gives me a hard time. lol. :smiley:

This probably comes fairly close.

One time a coworker told me he saw a dwarf/midget riding an enormous wheel with some sort of attachments to her feet so that she could reach the pedals. Whether or not it’s true, I don’t know.

midget cokr

I’m SOOOO close to having the midget coker ready to ride. Should work for the 4’10" crowd or maybe even less, with no special blocks for feet or anything. This is the midget upper frame installed on a 29er frame, but it fits the 36" wheel even closer for more midget-ey fun.

Oh that is so great! 4’11"? Wow, I’m about 5’1". I had no idea I COULD ride a coker. I guess I can. I guess I will look helarious on a coker one day!! :stuck_out_tongue:

That ones crazy! Looks like the seat is ON the tire?

Sweet! Maybe my wife and I will be able to coker together! Granted, I don’t even have one yet :wink:

My girlfriend, Louise, rides a coker. She is 5’1" or so. You can easily ride a Nimbus with 125mm cranks. You may have to cut the seat post tube down a inch or so (the older frames were taller than the newer ones, so that may not be necessary anymore). She has also used 140 cranks too.


Wow, thats cool. I guess one day I will own a coker! For some reason being small makes me want a really big uni lol.

the “short person’s coker frame” from will fit the bill. My daughter has one and she’s around 150cm tall.