The Slow Tragic Death of my True Love

By my true love, I of course mean my my uni. I have one cheap 24" uni and one torker TX giraffe. I don’t regret buying the TX because it is a great unicycle for the money and it has been alot of fun. The giraffe just is not good for tricks and commuting. Since Christmas when I got my first uni, the 24", I have put over 500 miles on it. It is my true passion. The tubes on the fork have split down the sides and half way around and it is only a matter of time before my fork snaps in two. The crack is nearly a centimeter wide and is only hanging on because I have jerry rigged it with funky washers. My pedles are unrecognizable. All of the tread wore off my tire in one spot so I rotated it. I did it again and again until all of the tread was gone on the entire tire. On a quarter of the tire you can see the threads and in one spot you can see the tube. The seat post bolt that came on the uni had to be cut off with a hack saw last month because it refused to budge even after I had two large socket wrenches on it. I replaced it by cannibalizing my b*ke for a quick release. Last night I was practicing hopping on it. I told myself that I could no longer blame my inability to hop things on my junk unicycle which was new in December. I pushed harder and was able to jump a little higher. Until just before I went inside I made a final hop and landed to a very interesting noise and feeling. I expected it to be my frame but after examining my unicycle I found that my wheel will just barely spin through the frame because it became so badly warped. It looks almost like that intentionally warped wheel.
I stumbled inside my house, dazed by the tragic loss and bleeding from the fingers due to my uncomfortable seat without a handle.
I had already ordered new pedals for my uni, I know unicycle maintanance since I have grown up a bicyclist with all of the tools. The tire I had planned to just go and buy at my LBS. I had slight hope that I would be able to find a friend with a welder who could help me to weld a piec of pipe over my frame so that it could be saved. I know how to true the wheel again but I ask myself “Is it really worth it?”
I use my uni for everything, MUni, freestyle, and commuting. Even though I can fix it, it will never be the same again. I have lost a good friend. I think I need to move on and look for a new uni.
I have $100.00 and I am desprate for a new unicycle. What should I get and what do you think about selling a kidney?

Re: The Slow Tragic Death of my True Love

Could work. Which of your friends volunteered be the lucky donor?

Seriously dude, if you’ve only got $100 then salvage as much as you can from the old unicycle. Rims can be trued, tires booted, etc.

I was thinking trials uni.

This uni can “work” again and I will commute on it again as soon as I can get a new tire and try to true my wheel. The wheel will never be the same again.

I plan to save more money before buying. In the meantime, I will use my giraffe to ride to school.

God, what the Hell is wrong with me, I got quite choked up reading that!

Dear dear. I feel for you. Would the 24" Onza suit your needs? Big enough for muni, small enough for some trials, ok for a bit of commuting? Dunno about freestyle.