The shortest day of the year

Wasn’t the day before christmas, when I was growing up. Nor the day before UPS tells me my new uni is coming.
So imagine my surprise to wake up this afternoon, after a hard night of making time go faster, and finding a box from Alfred E. Bike.
My new KH 20 ! Only $ 363.99 plus $8.25 shipping. It came fully assembled except for the seat and Oddesy pedals. I ordered it Tuesday the 8 th and UPS sent me a tracking # Friday saying it would come tomorrow !, the 17 th. So, happy day.:slight_smile:
I had a blast with it . After I finish writing this I’m going try to idle while watching a movie. I was able to free mount it easy enough, a skill I never tried on my larger wheels.
So anyway, don’t be afraid to order from A.E. Bike. They are slightly slow, but also charge less shipping.:smiley:

Yesterday, and today were the longest days it seemed like. And that was just waiting for my new kris holm fusion street saddle, a Maxxic CC, and some spokes. If I was waiting for a KH Trials to come in the mail I’d probably die. :o

mine is more shinier.

no mine is!!!
it sparkles!!!

Man, I wish I had a plant that grew unicycles.
That is the sexiest KH I have ever seen.

No mine.
I polished mine.

Peter M

Well I for one feel that a unicycle has more character if it isn’t “pretty” but scratched and covered in mud and dirt. It’s a unicycle’s nature to want to be dirty, so while dirt doesn’t “sparkle” it is more attractive to an experienced unicyclist.

Shun the non believer! shuuuun shuuuuuunnnn

been watching much “charlie the unicorn” lately?

A clean unicycle is a naked unicycle, u Unicycle rapist.


im close to dying

ive been waiting 3 and a half weeks for my KH20

im getting scared

i got it from aebike

but i am in the uk so i expected it to be long
…but not this long!

i raped my KH
its not very dirty but it has a few scratches, and maybe a bent rim, but thats a diff. story.