The seat on my new Torker LX 24" is too high!

I just got my new uni in the mail today, and after putting it together and taking it on the back deck to start practicing (I’ve never so much as touched a uni before) and I can just barely get my leg straight down to the pedal in 6oclock position.

I’m by no means short, 5’11’’ with what I thought were long legs. The seat post is in all the way down. I can ride a few feet around holding onto my deck’s handrail, but the wheel often kicks back when I stretch through the 6’ position.

Did I set something up wrong? Should I bring it somewhere to get a few inches cut off the seat post of get new pedals?

Thanks for any help.

might be just user error from not knowing how to ride… Try just holding the rail and see if you can plant one of your feet with crank all the way down… if not cut it some…

Take a hack saw and cut off a small bit until you get it down to where it needs to be. they come long…

This is normal, unless you are really, really, really tall you will always have to cut down a seat post for it to fit. Fancy people use pipe cutters, but a hack saw will work just fine. I suggest cutting it down to roughly a bit longer than you need it, and then go in small increments until it feels nice.

Nah, don’t worry if you cut it too short, just make sure you can raise still raise it again unless you are absolutely certain you want it shorter (trials uni, for example)

cut the seat post, soo easy

Cut it in increments like Miles said. If you always cut more, but if you go too far you have to fork out $20+ for a new one.

For learning you want the post on the high side anyways. Just make sure you have a slight bend in your knee when in that 6:00 possition.

Whack a couple of inches off the bottom with a hack saw. If you don’t have one, ask around, and somebody you know probably does. Doesn’t take long.

I’m about 6;-1-1/2". With the longer 400mm seatpost, I can just barely ride it at the lowest position. (This was on a 20", though). So all the way up, that 400mm seatpost ought to fit somebody 7’ tall. They do make a 300mm seatpost, but it’s easier to cut one than to pay to switch it out.

For starting, you want your leg to be almost fully extended on the downstroke. As you get better and more comfortable, you’ll probably want to lower the seat some more.

Got the same Uni Had the same issue

I just got the same Uni last week. I’ve riden before but not in the past 24 years.

The seat was way too high. I’m a little shorter than you (5’9") I cut about 6-7" off the seat post and it fits great - I’ve even got room to grow (…fat chance).

I used a pipe cutter, not realizing I was being fancy. Home Depot got em pretty cheap and super easy to use. In no time you’ll be stuggling with the uni for all the right reasons.

Good Luck

I’m guessing I’m too late for my comments to be worth anything, except maybe to the next person that gets an LX. Mine is an LX 26 and I’m 5’5". (or ((5x12)+5)x2.54 centimeters or thereabouts)

I got my 26 at the LBS and the sales guy (who frequents this forum - howdy darrell) thought he was going to have to cut the post. He shoved it down as far as it would go and I still had to stretch to reach the pedal. Then, on a lark, he shoved a lot more and it went down another inch or two. ( 1or 2 x 2.54 centimeters).

So, I’m thinking it’s possible that the LX might be a little tighter where the post gets close to the crown. Dunno… just my 2 cents ( .05 euros or thereabouts).