The "Search" feature...and great old threads

I’m getting ready to travel with my 36" next weekend, and found myself wondering about whether I should let the air out of the tire before checking it at the airport. I was about to post a new thread asking for opinions, when I decided to use the Search feature instead. Typing in “traveling with unicycle tire pressure” brought back this great old thread. I doubt starting a new one would bring anywhere near this level of detailed response.

I like the Search feature.

so…you started a new thread to tell us that you didn’t start a new thread…hmmmm…interesting.


No, I started a new thread to declare my love for the Search feature, and to highlight the wealth of information that can be found in previous threads. Given the level of venom that is often spewed on those who dare to respond to posts by suggesting the poster use the Search feature first, I thought I would highlight a Search success story.

But thanks for jumping in there, Mr. Pot Calling The Kettle Black.

Alright, idiot, just because you don’t care doesn’t mean everyone else doesn’t. Shut up and go troll elsewhere.

Thanks Tom for posting this, I’ve used the seach feature several times, and although it can take a few tries to get what you are looking for, you not only get what you are looking for most of the time, you can also get some classic threads with some great input from people who literally aren’t around to comment any more. Plus it can be worth dredging up an old thread, if just to add more insight to the bottom as a result of the past x years since the thread fell off the front pages.

I think more threads should be ‘recycled’ in this way.


LOL…I think it’s quite funny how my post was OBVIOUSLY written with a completely joking nature. It was supposed to be funny, I don’t care that he made a thread about it, it was just amusing to me.

The poster after me got it…and both of you would have too if you weren’t just looking to be upset by anything I write…silly jaded people.

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. :slight_smile:

People don’t know what to expect from someone who lists them self as “From UnkNown to God” :smiley:

As is often the case with text based communications it is hard to clearly convey sarcasm and as a result many fall into the sar-chasm. (This is why people use emoticons ) What do you expect to happen when your sarcasm is not obvious?

A Cello Case!

I was told by Nir a riding budy that he uses an old Cello case to ransport his Uni! Now that is creative!


Actually this was a pot calling the kettle BlackWOOD.:smiley:

Edit (after reading old thread): Holy cow, is there a lot of good advice there!