the schwinn is finally done

well to start off with the schwinn my dad bought a few years ago. my brother put the seat on backwards so the pedal got lose the striped out the crank. So i put a big bolt through it with some washers a nut to keep it in place and a pice of tubing over it for you foot to go on. This made ridng hard but i managed :roll_eyes: . well my dad bought a 15 dollar parts bike to fix my brothers bike so i took those cranks a pedals for the uni. Yesterday i decided it was time to jump from higher obsticles and learn to rollout of them. so i found a big rock that was a bit over 2 feet high. i started jumping off and then i started to try rolling out. well i was able to roll out on all of them after a bit but the damage was all ready done my axel twisted where the cranks go on and the cranks were at around a 130 degree angle with one another :angry: . i took the uni back to the garage and put a pipe on the crank to bend the axel back. I bent it almost back to perfect and with these crappy cranks i can get it close to 180. but after i jump a few time off something around 2 feet high the crank starts to move. so this uni i being retired from muni and jumping and put back to road use before it is compleatly destroyed. So now i need a new uni. Im thinking 24 inch dx b/c of the splined hub. but i am thinking i might want to go bigger to either 26 or 29 and then later on get a trials uni but that wouldn’t be until next year since i owe my parents 1500 dollars for a ski trip to mt hood that i am leaving for friday:D . so what i am think is to get the 24 dx and then a 29 later. so what i am asking is so people with the 24 dx find that it is okay for some trials stuff and street stuff?

24 x 3" muni’s are great

Maybe the best all arounder. I have a 20 trials a 24 muni and a 36. Life is better with more uni’s!:slight_smile: But the tire on the 24 wears down first. If you can’t have them all, maybe the 24 is the best. I ride it the most it seems.:slight_smile:

i just want to make sure that the 24dx is do able for street riding. nothing extreme but for some small unispins and crankflips

ah my dad has a schwinn too, really hard to ride!

i am trying to practice trials haha

hmm…unispins are completely do-able on a 24", but I’ve never heard of crankflips on a 24", maybe someone with more experience will chime in soon…

I can do flips on a 24. I think Justin Kohse can double on his 24 and do some other flip tricks. It is definitely much easier on a 20" though.

Yeah Justin can do flips on his 24 as well and hes not even that great :stuck_out_tongue: ha ha he’ll never read this luckily.

ok thanks that prety much answers my question. Im guna order the dx in probly a week.