the school cycle project

ok i am going to build a chain driven unicycle that will fit in my school locker. i would like some tips please, especially on where to get a small wheel, like under 16 inchs. with a real fat tire. like wheel barrel.

Sorry, I accidentally posted in the wrong thread, and then tried to delete it, but it wouldn’t let me. Sorry.

I’m currently building a two wheeler with two 12" wheels. They generally come reasonably fat and are easy to find as the smallest size of kids bike usually has 12" wheels. Good luck, please keep us informed.

Is the having to fit in your locker thing part of everyone’s project or just something you’ve chosen for your scheme?


What’s the size of your locker?

Yes, and the combination please as well…

i have not measured my locker yet, but by guessing i think it is probably about 12 inches wide and 16 inches deep. it is probably bigger. i have just started building it today, but i dont have anything welded yet so i can still change it if my guess measurements are wrong. i will officially start building it on monday, once i get the measurments.

Just remember that you’ll be able to fit a (slightly) larger wheel at an angle (corner to corner) than front to back when you measure the size of your locker. It’s a stupid little thing that people tend to forget.

My school is designed wonderfully for learning how to unicycle, so I’ve decided to learn how to ride after school/during lunch sometime. Nothing would ever fit in my locker, so I had to go to the office and ask them on their unicycle policy. Would I have to lock it up with the bikes, or would they hold it with all the skateboards in the closet?

They looked at me strangely.