The Scarlet Letter C

I rode a friend’s Coker yesterday. Now I can’t get it off of my mind. :angry: :wink:

I had the same problem a year and a half ago.

Me to, I gave in to the temptation and got one for my very own. Not regretted it at all. Thanks Sarah. :smiley:


Re: The Scarlet Letter C

So, don’t get it out of your mind. Get one into your garage.

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Beware of any phrase that starts with (even if its implied) “All you Gotta Do Is…”

  1. change breakfastroom window into French Doors to Screened Patio
  2. Install windows and doors and walls and tile floor to screened room.
  3. Pave driveway down side of house.
  4. Fix wood damage on base of 4 columns on front porch.
  5. Paint House.
  6. Order Coker.

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i would love a coker but i can’t afford one :frowning:
200 something quid on please reduce them to 100 something :frowning: ( i no this isn’t possible but it’s nice to dream)

I have faith in you, Tree, you’ll have one someday :slight_smile: