Interesting link. You might want to add some description so people know what they’re clicking on. I thought this was a spam thread until I tried clicking the (ultra-generic sounding) url.

But it’s neat to see that people can now purchase a self-balancing electric unicycle.

Yeah sorry bout that, I found it while I should have been working on my term project and wanted to share it but was to much of a rush to wright anything about it.

Did you see the videos and the shot with Kris Holm checking it out?

PS. That link is a website about a Self Balancing Unicycle. I mean what else would SBU stand for. DUHHH!

That thing looks like a laugh. I might buy one if I’m still feeling rich after unicon…

only 16km/hr though, that is kind of a bummer. Wonder what the duty would be if I had one shipped to canada? hmm.