The Sam can unicycle thread

I don’t start many threads any more so I thought I would unashamedly create this thread to celebrate that in Unicon this week my son Sam (aged 9) eventually learned to unicycle without hanging on to my arm.

This great guy from Hamburg (who I never learned the name of) said that it was very difficult for parents to teach thier children to ride and that children learn much quicker when their parents aren’t in the room. I snuck back 10 mins later and there was Sam unicycling around the room!

We were all over the moon and Sam is (at last!) enthusiastic about unicycling.

Way to go Sam! and thanks very much to the guy from Hamburg. :smiley:

Congratulations Sam!
You must be proud Cathy :slight_smile: Now you can get him a Muni and he can come and ride with us!

congratulations sam!!!

i agree with the Hamburg fellow, even myself at this age find it difficult to work under parents (they own an icecream shop) i guess it is just because they are parents and one is used to argueing and/or not nessecarily believing what they say, thinking he/she knows better.

Is he going to ride distance? or is he interetested in one of those wacky styles all the young kids are doing these days? ha :slight_smile:

Congratulations Sam.:smiley:

Not believing in learning to walk before you can run, he wants to be able to wheel walk :roll_eyes:

At his age, I’m sure that won’t take long! There were a couple of unicyclists at the local Derby juggling club that learned to wheel walk over several months. One of the kids there that had just learned watched them one evening, asked how it was done, and said he was going to learn that too. So the next week he came along and wheel walked! I think it is because at that age they don’t ask if something is difficult; so they just assume they should be able to do it. And if no one tells them different, they do!

Congrats to Sam! That must be almost everything on the circus skills list that he can do now, isn’t it? Or is sword swallowing still to come yet?


he will be wheel running by christmas.

Yes indeed good job, and by next Spring full speed coasting while holding onto cars :slight_smile:

Good job sam

whoo- hoo

Congratulations Sam! May your days be filled with the power of one! :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s really good news Cathy, I’m pleased for you both. Sam’s a cool little guy.

And then wheel run?

Way to go Sam!! and congrats to you mom!

I think that lonly uni is gone !!

Congrats Sam! Brilliant achievement, and really the best pace to do it - just make sure you’re wearing your unicycle magazine tshirt when you ride! (unless of course it got swapped…). Was great to see the pride and happiness in his face when he told me, and the proud parents too :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone.

I’ll show this thread to Sam tomorrow. He’ll be thrilled.

(Anna, I think he wore that t shirt for at least 2 days)

Way to go Sam!

Cathy, it’s not going to be long before he’s gonna be wanting to borrow your Coker.
Either find a good place to hide it or get a good lock.

That’s cool, I guess you might be wanting your short Coker back then if he does decide he wants one!!

Hooray! Another acorn falling not too far from the tree. :slight_smile:

Congratulations to Sam.

When people have said things like this to me I thought no, that (based on his learning progresss before unicon) Sam would be a slow learner (like his mother). However something seems to have pinged for him at unicon because within 20 mins of our first practice at home Sam was quite consistently freemounting.

I’m locking up my unicycles.