the saint

Twas last night when I was doing a circuit of my neighbourhood on my 7ft SEM and
I came across a stressed house wife half way up a tree balancing on the top of a
dinig room chair. The stranded cat a couple of feet above her also stressed to
the max. She jokingly says, “you’re a good height to save my cat”. I thought
about the scene and chuckled to myself as I could see a unicycling saint
cruising up to the tree and saving the cat and everybody living happily ever
after, but I could also see the unicyclist tackling the housewife and the base
of the tree after the wheel sinks in the realitively newly sewn soft lawn. In
the latter case I’m sure the cat would leap down out of shear panic anyway! The
rescue did go well though, the lawn was soft but with the forethought of this I
managed to put more weight on the pedals to compensate and standing on tip toes
I saved the cat! Never thought it could happen and I still chuckle from a
bystanders point of view.