The running catapult and other fun saddle stories of a new coker

UnPlanned Dismount? More like Crash!!!

As some of you may know, I am now another Cokeur convert. I picked it up yesterday from a friend of mine that had ridden it for about an hour then never touched it. Twas a pretty sweet deal for 300 bucks Canadian. I rode it for the first time about three seconds after giving him the money and promptly rode it home. After sitting down I immediately hated the saddle, but overall I found it easy to ride, I noticed no difference performance wise between it and my 29er, although the cranks were 150 and I have 125’s on my 29er. I found it kind of boring to ride and was actually expecting at least some challenge out of it. Today I changed that. I built up an almost perfect saddle (it’s only half assembled so far) and I put 125 mm cranks on it!! HUGE DIFFERENCE. The second I mounted I noticed that riding it was completely different, I no longer control the wheel, it controls me! After a couple loops outside my house I was able to get the hang of it again, although fine tuning speed still evades me but I will come to that soon. After putting a back bumper and a cover on the saddle, I decided that despite the heat (no joke a little over 48 degrees with humidex, or 118 for yall yanks :p) I would take it out for a quick half hour practice ride. I rode around stopping for lights and riding through crowds at the bus station with little event, but I found it pretty much impossible to stop without dismounting and even my jump mount felt a little shaky. I then started along the bike path and quickly decided to go another route that would take me in kind of a loop. I then promptly had a small UPD and my Coker flew down the path knocking a bolt out of the bumper, O well you only need one. I then went through a straight flat path and thought that it would be a good place to test the speed of a coker. So I leaned on the tiny cranks and got going at quite a pace, my guess is about 20-25 KPH (10-15 MPH) maybe more but I won’t say more cause I really don’t know. Anyway as I started to go faster I reached a peak and was thrown off of my unicycle! I landed on my feet and tried to run but my legs just couldn’t move fast enough and I found myself rolling and bouncing along the concrete bike path – O what fun! I quickly picked myself off and despite a cut up arm, torn pants (I assumed more cuts in there as well) chopped up hands and scraped up back, I figured I would continue my saddle test and just take it at an easier pace. So in the end I finished up by doing about a 7 or 8 Km loop in about a half hour including a nice chat I had with my friend Steph who was rather surprised to see such a big wheel on such a hot day.

This was my first experience really with a Coker and on the 125mm cranks it was something of a spectacle. I can’t wait for it to cool off so I can put some real distance on it, and hopefully I will get a computer for it as well but not until I stop dropping it as often as I do :p.

For those that are interested the seat I’m riding on it right now is a viscount with the cover taken off and hollowed out similar to this. Then I took a Belkin WaveRest gel keyboard wrist support, chopped it so that there is one piece running down the length of the seat and another piece in the but making a sort of T with the two pieces, then I tossed on an old KH cover. At this point there is no handle but I will probably be putting a KH handle on it to follow.

Thanks for reading,

Nathan Tappin

wow, sounds like a fun ride. is the seat alot comfier then? I totally want a coker. OH well, maybe next year. I want like every uni though.

Well the seat isn’t perfect yet, but I think once I even out the padding it will be pretty friggin sweet. It is definatly wayyy better than the viscount and I would say its better than a standard KH, but I need to shave down the viscount padding some more around the center as that kind of digs in.

You need to read the article on how to crash at 30km/h in issue one of Uni magazine :slight_smile:


ooooohhhh yeahhh… Can I try?

(I’m serious)

It was a good article, but I don’t think you can do the roll-out on every wipe-out. Eventually, one takes a dive [B]not [/B]onto one’s feet, and then one is illin’.

Glad to hear you ended up getting it! Where’s my finder’s fee? :wink:

I’m looking forward to trying it sometime. The 125’s must be awesome.


Yeah I’m glad I was able to roll out, I landed on my feet but I was just going too fast to run at the rate I was going and I ended up rolling about 5-6 feet, so now my back, elbow and knee are pretty scraped up but it didn’t affect my riding at all.

It sounds like you made your seat nce and comfy. do you still have the viscount cover?

Nice. Very nice.
I told you rolling makes everything hurt less :roll_eyes: .