The Road to uNirvana

Please share your favorite sport(s) you were compassionately participating in BEFORE reaching your current all-time winner: unicycle riding.

Alright, I will start:
Bicycling as a child, it spelled out FREEDOM
Mountain biking as an adult, and it put me in touch with NATURE
Swimming also as an adult, and it introduced me to yet another level of MEDITATION

I’m a runner. Goal is to do a marathon (26.2 miles) in each of the 50 US states before I die. I’m currently up to 22 marathons in 17 states.

Despite that, most of my activities are non-running. I like Crossfit-type workouts, biking, and now I’m obsessed with unicycling.

Sea kayaking. Still enjoy it alot, but unicycling has a hold on me.:slight_smile:

K1 and surfski kayaking most recently, formerly a roadie biker and currently a fixie retro bike rider (30+ years riding fixed wheel bikes) and occasional Mtb. Car is loaded for a 60 mile bike ride at Virginia Cap2Cap with a 26 muni in the trunk (boot) and an 18’6" x 16" surfski on the rack for a weekend of fun. Paddle off season (summer) and pedal Uni (winter).

Meeting up with biker/kayaker/camping/runner/imbiber friends for the weekend. Good times. I will try and convert some to one wheel.

I also brew mead. Hick! : ) And 10 meter airgun pistol.

It seems like a lot of us Uni converts have an eclectic multi sport background. Very cool.


I have tried almost every sport I could find over the years. A few highlights of the ones I had most fun in.

Cycling on and off-road (Racing, MTB, BMX)
Ice Hockey
American Football
Rugby (both)
Caving and Climbing

Ping-pong as a child and many collective sports (which I don´t do anymore after I scored goal to the wrong side of the ground).
Climbing and mountaineering as an adult, and it put me in touch with FEAR
MTB and enduro, and it introduced me to UNICYCLING

Road and Mountain Biking, Trail Running, Backpacking, Rock Climbing, WW Kayaking, Telemark Skiing, and now Unicycling.

I need a sport to keep me active, I’m not good at indoor workouts, I tend to hyper focus on one sport, then move onto others, biking and running in one form or another have always been my mainstays. I don’t run anymore due to back probelms, so hiking is my backup when I can’t ride.

We’re moving to the Pacific Northwest next year, once there I hope to get back into skiing, multi day backcountry trips, maybe some nordic. Also, moving out West opens up lots of new muni terrain, so the plan is to get a 29" guni and start doing epic multi day rides.

I love being in the wilds, esp when I can be there with my Bride :slight_smile:

From childhood to my mid-20s, I played a lot of basketball. A lot. Then I just stopped. I pretty much haven’t played since.

My senior year in high school, I started running, and since then I’ve done countless 5Ks, 10Ks, 10-milers, half-marathons and marathons, including Boston.

Lots of downhill skiing, but not since the 1990s.

I started juggling last year, and now I’m thinking about joggling (because I don’t stick out enough unicycling around the neighborhood).

It’s too soon, training-wise, to attempt Cap2Cap on your new 36? Or you just want to keep up with your bike buddies?

In the Winter, at least the past two, I’ve been enjoying curling. Does not have quite the same aerobic benefits as the Uni, but it is fun. But the sport I have not done much of since I got bit by the Uni bug is archery. I’ve thought about combing the two, but I’m afraid of damage to myself and the archery tackle. Bows and even arrows are kind of expensive these days. If I ever get up the the nerve to try Uni-archery I’ll have to make a video.

Disc Golf

Disc (a.k.a. frisbee) Golf courses, like the one I live on (literally), are mostly wooded (at least the good ones are) which makes them perfect for mountain unicycling. With a bit of headwind, I can throw a driver over 300 feet. Then I ride to my approach shot or, if it was a really good drive, to park my uni at the next tee pad. Tournament caliber courses like mine (host of the 2012 U.S. Masters where I finished 49th) have 12-15 foot concrete tee pads perfect for my rolling mount. There is even a yardage sign nearby for assisted mounting. I’ve played a few snow rounds but the majority of the winter and early spring riding is off limits for the same reason we close our beautiful mountain bike courses. Leave no trace. If it’s muddy, don’t ride. I do a lot of Cokering on the asphalt Louisville Loop this time of year. My park also has a ball golf course with miles of cart path but I can only ride those late at night or in the winter when the ground is frozen and it’s too cold to for them old codgers to golf.

P.S. I can hit a putt while moving but my percentages go way up if I’m up standing still where I’m 95% on anything 25 feet and in. Driving (backhand) in motion is near impossible without a UPD. Forehand flick or tomahawk roller is much more effective for approach distances. Mountain Unicycling and Disc golf go together like peas and carrots.

Yeah, I have bike buddies that I want to ride with. If they weren’t riding I had thought of 36-ing it. Maybe next year.


I haven’t done any sports before unicycling, I wanted a unicycle since I was about six years old…

I just started unicycling, but I love it. My other sport is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

I play football and throw shot and disc for my high school, as well as weight lift. Like MTUni, I also used to be into archery (traditional) but haven’t really done much since I began unicycling.

I thought about getting some snowshoes this year, and delving into that during the off season, but couldn’t justify the cost when we had only a month of winter left. Maybe next winter…

Lots of sports since teen, not necessarily in order: tennis, track and field, volleyball, rugby, sailing, bodyboard, long boarding (LDP), kitesurfing, soccer, handball, kiteboarding, motocross, fencing, judo, karate, snowboarding but lately unicycling and motorcycling (road and track).

I love the mental challenge of unicycling the most :smiley:

You pretty much name it, I’ve tried it! Currently I train for cross country skiing 6 days a week eleven months a year. Unicycling is great cross training.