The Right Tool for the Job

It arrived last night, my new Yuni trials cycle -

After riding a few 20" trials cycles at UNICON, I was confident that I could learn to do so much more on a smaller wheel, and I knew I had to have one.

I can do things I could never do before on this Unicycle. All those skills I’ve been trying so hard to learn on my 26" are coming like nothing on the 20" Yuni (probably because I practiced so much on the 26"). Last night, I was going backwards, I was hopping up curbs and riding away. I was doing new free mounts. I could hop and stillstand like never before. I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to idle very soon.

I rode it in to work this morning - with distances like that, the Yuni’s got nothing on the 26" Pashley. I couldn’t resist, though. I had to get pictures of it (cameras are at work). So, here you go:

more coming soon to my web site:


Couple things…

One rider at UNICON, don’t remember who, had a slight case of walking bearings on his new Yuni Monty so keep an eye on that.

Then, Ben and Brad have United Montys that they bought quite a while ago. Their original tire seemed to last quite a long time and is still going strong. I decided to put new rubber on before UNICON and bought two of the tires shown in your picture, the ones with the thin reflective stripe. I think we’re seeing that the new tire is wearing very quickly. I could be wrong but after only 3-4 weeks, the new tire is taking on almost the worn look of the boy’s original tires that have many, many months riding on them. Something to watch although it’ll be hard for you without a reference to an old tire.

Anyone else with input on the new Monty tires?

Just an exciting side note, we just ordered what we hope will be the first of many Cokers for folks in Rochelle. Adam (14) in our club finally saved enough money. He was great at Regionals last April at TCUC when he discovered the Coker. Everytime he rode past us, he yelled, “I LOVE THIS THING!”


Oh, and I forgot the most important comment I intended to include…

Congrats on your quickly improving skills. I look forward to watching you tear up the Trials course next year!


nice ride nic,
Congrats on the spike in your learning curve! The 20" is a great size. I just got a 24x3 with the nimbusII frame. Hopefully I won’t be eating tacos on any more rides. I’m looking forward to putting it through it’s paces…but I’m sure I won’t be doing enough to make my 20" monty set up jealous.

one word…keep an eye (or 14mm wrench) on those monty cranks. the monty cranks seem to have some trouble getting set on the axel (I think the square taper on the cranks is a bit small). I make sure mine are tight before every ride and then I carry a wrench with me and tighten them down every once in awhile. I think they are finally getting set cause I don’t have to mess with them as much as I did a week ago. Also, you may not have this problem at all if they came already installed…I know has a 20 ton press or something like that that they use to put cranks on. I’m sure that will give you an advantage over my flabby arm.

ok, another word…if you do alot of hoppin’ you may want to get that miyata seat reinforced or get a carbon fiber base.

ride on,

Thanks for the advice Dustin and Bruce. I always do and certainly will carry my crank wrenches in my Camelbak whenever I go anwhere too far away from the house (most of my practicing is fairly close to the house). One of the reasons I love ordering pre-assembled packages from (as I mentioned in another thread) is that when they install cranks, I never have problems with the tightness of those cranks until I remove them and replace them myself. Their press makes all the difference.

I’m always thinking about upgrades like the carbon fiber base and stronger cranks (next upgrade on my MUni). The fact that I still haven’t bent the Lasco cranks on my MUni tells me that I’m not torturing my equipment enough to rationalize those upgrades - YET (This is also my rationalization for buying the Yuni rather than the much stronger Onza). As soon as I bend or break those Lascos, its going to open up a whole new door to expensive upgrades.

Ben’s Lascos on his Monty disintegrated just before UNICON from doing drops off a parade float so we ordered and installed some Bicycle Euro cranks. When John broke out the Monty cranks at the table there at Mt. SI High School, Ben took off looking for a place to help him bend his BE’s so he could buy some Monty cranks. Sometimes I have to wonder, “Why’d it have to be boys?” Turns out though that Brad’s standard steel cranks on his Monty were bent so he took the BEs and Ben bought some Monty cranks.

We used a persuader hammer to ensure the Monty cranks were on solid and kept after the axle nuts for a time. Since then, we haven’t had a problem with them. I sometimes worry about flaring out the square taper in any alloy crank but so far so good with the Montys. If something does happen, we’ll report it.


Seat Post height?

I’ve been looking at the Yuni since they posted it over at . What’s the story with the seat post? Would someone 6’,2" be able to ride that thing?

Re: Seat Post height?

That’s a very good point. I got the longest seat post and I’m considering getting the 7" post extender.

When I was trying Adam Wilcox’s Onza at UNICON, he had is seat WAY low. It was good for him, though. He did great stunts and I think he got more spring off his legs when in the standing position - almost like what you get with seat-in-front maneuvers. For me, the saddle on my Yuni is pretty low, but once I get into trying the fancy moves, its not bad at all. I would definitely need the seat higher if it was a distance riding machine.

It seems like there is a tendency to have a lower saddle for trials and a higher saddle for freestyle. Since I’d like to get a flavor of freestyle, I’ll probably need the seat post extender. Any thoughts?

Re: Re: Seat Post height?

Before using your new Yuni Monty for freestyle, pump up the tire to about 300 psi. It’ll pirouette better.


Re: Re: Re: Seat Post height?

with my 145mm Profile arms i can almost pirouette on the pedalz :frowning: