The right muni saddle.

Ok, so I’ve been practicing on my new Oregon as of recent. Riding around the parks and still trying to tame the beast. Then, just last week. Bam… I smashed the heck out of my left ball as I went around the redwood trees. Ouch! The worst I have ever squashed it. The last time it happened was when I was beginning out on my 20".
So bad it was, that I had to kneel down a take a breather.
To compund the matter, I had a customer calling in, of which i had to, but reluctanty, I took the call.
You know when you smashed your twin down there , the pain only grows and gets worst before it finally subsides…well…you can imagine, I was really, really holding it in… I somehow still manged to take on the job despite the intense, writhing pain.

Ok, so it was fluke right?? I just have to ride hours more to tame this beastly thing…

A lot of bounce that threw me off the seat and out of balance. So I figured I switch over to the Duro 3.0. Little better, but somehow I couldnt ride it or climb it as well as my Profile Uni.

Couple a days ago, I was riding around for 45 mins then I felt my crouch begin to burn as I finished the ride around the 29 rounds around the baseball field. Felt like my crouch was on fire for the first time. So for the first time Iam feeling what others have previously described.

Then today, same thing, felt my jeans rubbing and squeaking as I peddled. Right at the crouch. Once again I am very weary of landing on my nuts.
Then once again, it happened again. Landed on my nuts. Ouch. .not as bad, but bad enough to think twice of ‘Something is NoT RighT’!

One of the cool features of this Oregon is its cool upwards hugging curvature of the saddle that convinced me to buy it.

But that, I finally found out was it’s greatest demise in the design. To me, it’s gadaweful!

Now that I switched it to my older nimbus 29er saddle with the yellow bumpers.
Truly, it made a world of difference. Now my crouch is rub-free. My nuts is smash free. Now I also noticed I can throw my hip around a whole lot more freely because i dont have that curvature hugging my crouch so badly.
And Yes, finally I can lower my saddle and not friggin afraid of landing on them again ( well, at least greatly reduce the chance)

So I figured, way to much curve, and way too much too much padding for my liking. .darned what a ‘saddle’ for an 800$ uni. Im glad I figured it was only the saddle.
Now I begining to love this beast. Its quite awesome actually, after the saddle change. But, wow, what punish I had to take to realize it!

Any how, long post. What is you favorite muni saddle? The one that you can raise your butt up and not fear of smashing your buddies?
I still like my older Justek, similar to John Foss (white with orange bumper) on his Miyata. Mine has a non compatible smaller diameter post of which it is not compatible. Pretty flat and not too much cushion, but quite comfortable, and, best of all, no crouch fire rubbing.:smiley:

My 29er is a qu ax ( not Nimbus) so iam asuming is it is a qu ax saddle with yellow bumpers.

When I started riding uni, I wrecked the cheap crap saddle on my eBay special 24" pretty quickly (Tried going up a hill, fell forward, front of saddle snapped clean off). I ran to UDCUK to shop for a new one, and they had what I think were B-Stock Impact Naomi’s for £12 each (Usually about £45, about the same as a Fusion Zero!) I loved it straight away. I even bought a 2nd seatpost for it to put it on my 29er when I bought that - the qu-ax saddle was, as you say, too curved and too padded for me. While the Impact is usually used by ‘trick’ riders, I’ve found it super-comfortable for MUni/road riding, and my legs usually give up before my ass/balls do. Plus it feels nice and long, so can comfortably grab it with both hands (I dont use handlebars) for powering on the straights.

I can’t wait to test a Fusion Zero, I’m sure they’ll have all the benefits my Impact has plus more![LIST=1]

Do you wear biking shorts? Your post mentions jeans. I can’t imagine riding without them- the chamois gives a huge boost to comfort and their “form-fitting” design holds the boys in place. If chafing is an issue, try a little Chamois Butt’r. For riding shorts I like the Pearl Izumi attack short- good short at a good price point (these things can get super expensive!).

Yeah, some people don’t like wearing spandex, but give me a break- you’re riding a unicycle!

No, I have yet to wear bike shorts. My jeans suits me fine on my other uni saddles. I havent had ball incident since this.
Really, this saddle is the pits, how the curvature and the imitation leather rubs until you hear a distinct dry squeegee squeak. I can defintinely turn with hip and climb better ( again, with hip) after switching to the qu ax saddle. Still, not the most comfortable saddle but way better then the stock gel nimbus on the Oregon.
The reason I wear jeans is that I can hop right back to work if need be. My job requires me to be on call, any minute.

Thanks PM, I like the slim and semi flat profile of the Naomi.:wink:
Do you know if it has the same mounting bolts configuration as the Nimbus and others?

It’s different to a Qu-Ax seat - the screws come out the bottom of the saddle then you wrench a bolt onto them (whereas my Qu-Ax seat has holes with allen screws to hold it on). No clue on Nimbus seats :smiley:

The naiomi isn’t actually that flat, it uses a miyata base which is more curved than the KH base. However the lack of thick padding does improve comfort on long rides.

It fits on the same seatposts as the nimbus saddles but does use 10mm nuts in stead of hex bolts.

Thanks guys. I guess its just my body type that doesnt fit the nimbus gel seat. I definitely need less padding since my nuts is constantly smacking against the front part of the padding. I doubt any padding is soft enough as our tender things…:smiley:

I will give the qu ax seat a few more days with hundreds of gopher hole rides.
The Naomi does look good though with less padding to get in the way with.

This is probably the most subjective topic in all of unicycling. (Maybe other than wheel size.) You’re going to have to try different ones to see what suites you best. I like flat seats, I have two that are “home-made” flattened. (Taken apart, seatbase heated and flattened, put back together.) I think they are way better than curved. I have yet to purchase one of the new KH “Zero” saddles, but I probably will sooner or later.
Tight underwear is a must. Not only that, but pull them up tighter after they’re on. It’s the only way you will keep from crushing yourself from time to time. Cycling compression shorts are pretty nice, because they tend to be tight out of the box, but regular tighty-whities work just as well if you hike them up good. Boxers are right out. (Like everything else uni-related, this is very subjective, everyone’s experience is different.)

Haaha, funny you mentioned tight underwear too, as I also did in previous posts:D yes indeed,
and yes indeed I wore sort of loose underwear today!:D:D
But then again, as I switched to the qx saddle, the jibblet smacking and the squeegee squeeking stopped:D

Same as you Lance, I now know I prefer a flatter, less padding, saddle…though im not sure about a totally flat one.

After using the new KH zero I am fairly sure that curved seats must have been a design error that just stuck and people got used to it. The nimbus gel was a huge improvement to the seat I learned on 20 years ago, but it was not comfortable. Switching to a flat seat with not a lot of padding changed the reasons for my PDs from “numb down there” to “I need to catch my breath and let my leg muscles rest a bit”.

For what it’s worth, I ride with bike/triathlon shorts under hiking pants. I wouldn’t wear the hiking pants in summer but for my legs rubbing the frame. Rubbed the skin off the inside of my calves riding a half marathon once, only time I didn’t wear pants over the top. The tri shorts seem to be much cheaper than all the bike shorts I’ve seen.


3 (out of 7) of my unicycles sport the nimbus gel saddle, including an oregon 29 plus. One uni (36er) has the KH flat seat and the others have the other KH models on them. I can ride any one of the saddles without problems, although the flat seat, for me, is the least comfortable of them all.

I remember experiencing some of the issues mentioned here, especially when wearing loose fitting pants/shorts. For a while I was wearing padded BMX shorts, but they weren’t the best either. All of the discomfort related problems pretty well went away when I started using padded bicycle shorts. They’re really good at keeping your package in place as well as reducing shaffing and should be worn without underwear - speaking from experience

I’m the complete opposite to most of the people commenting here. I found padded lycra cycle shorts to be uncomfortable. Also, when freemounting, if my jewels were in the way, they couldn’t move out of the way…
I’m comfiest wearing just a pair of baggy shorts, with the net inside…plenty of room for things to move outta the way, with the net stopping them dangling freely :stuck_out_tongue:

I have some padded shorts and they’re alright, but I rode for ages without them - only bought 'em because they were extortionately cheap (Like £10 for 3 pairs…) so figured why not. Wearing the padded shorts on the Qu-Ax saddle makes it worse - the curve combined with even more padding is like trying to squat into a vice or something. On the Naomi they’re nice, but again not 100% necessary. I rode my longest distance ever (somewhere between 35 and 40 miles on a 29er) without padded shorts, and my biggest complaint was leg fatigue, not squished arse/manbits.

I’d imagine handlebars offset the equation too, depending how you use them - if you put lots of weight on your arms, your butt shouldn’t take as much pain, and you could arrange the handle/saddle to give you a less squishing position too!


Woooohooo! The first nice rain of the season in our drought California.
Ok, to much a suprise, a super ride today. Much, much better in the Qu Ax saddle ( maybe because iam more used to it) This one fits me a whole lot better for some reason. No more problems of the above described. Iam so glad I convinced myself to make the change. For me, I would normally, and stubbornly tough it out.
Wow, I didnt realize the proper fitting saddle makes all the difference in comfort and performance. I can once again throw my hip freely to ride slalom , and that is so crucial. I can stop and go without losing balance. Lovin it! Rode though puddles and mud for the first time. Topped off the morning by unknowingly slipping in 3 inch of mud, getting myself all muddy and feeling like a kid again…woohooo!!

…now I cant wait to get the 3.8 Surly back on.

Rain…splashing in mud…That tyre looks waaay too clean :stuck_out_tongue:

Speaking of which, I should really hose Beast down. Her tyre is more brown than black lol

Curved seats are awful, flat seats are the solution. The Nimbus Gel was probably the least comfortable seat I ever used, though my son thought it was fine.

Buy a flatter seat, or better yet, make a flat seat from your Nimbus Gel :slight_smile:

Haha that was before I went through the mud;)
Love riding in rain.

Ok time to strip some of that padding off that nimbus gel:)