The ride report that follows..

…is in two parts. Because I did not think first, they appear in the threads in the wrong order. read part 1 first of course.

Mikefule, with his long reports already knew this would happen, and is probably grinning as he reads this.


I think Mike tends to post part 1 of the thread then reply to that first thread with part 2. This keeps the story all in one place.

Neil getting a coffee ready for a good read.

That was a very nice write up, very detailed thankyou for that it stopped me being bored at work for a while. I have riden along that river too around stockport its a very nice ride although i did it on my 36" Nimbus but as slowly as possible. I dont remember as much of the scenery as you did tho so well done:)


Splendid stuff. I’ve just arrived rather late in the office after a very late night of dancing and drinking, and it was a most relaxing read. I’m not sure your quotation was from Izaac Walton, but I’d love to find the origin.

The Stockport tunnels rang a bell in my mind from some past peripheral interest in industrial archaeology, or possibly caving. Googling on “Stockport caves Mersey sandstone” brings up all manner of references to air-raid shelters and older mining, presumably for building stone.

[I]The many-voiced song of the river echoed softly. Siddhartha looked into the river and saw many pictures in the flowing water. The river’s voice was sorrowful. It sang with yearning and sadness, flowing towards its goal…
Siddhartha…was now listening intently…to this song of a thousand voices…then the great song of a thousand voices consisted of one word: Om – perfection…

From that hour Siddhartha ceased to fight against his destiny.

Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha, 1951[/I]


The trick is to write the whole story off line then copy and paste it slice by slice into one thread.

Lovely write up.:slight_smile: