The Return of Snowdon + Gallery Info

Well Hello to everyone that went to snowdon at the weekend.
i hope that everyone else enjoyed theirselves i know i did.

got a few things to say

firstly the gallery i said i would put up
if i didnt get chance to tell you about it here goes: i have put a gallery up and i have left it open access (anybody can add pictures and make sub folders [if you want]).
i thought this would be good so that we can all swap pics of the day. feel free to add pictures of whatever you want from the day(also adding silly comments!). also i have left the gallery so that pictures are not resized i.e. they will stay at the same resolution they were uploaded at, i thought this would be good so ppl can print or do whatever they want to with the pictures. but beware download times may be a bit longer for thsoe without broadband.

and secondly
sorry to those i did not get chance to say good bye to. myself and gemma had to rush off to try to find a campsite as it was dark by the time we got down from snowdon.
i had a really good day really enjoyed myself. hopeing to see everyone again soon.

well our evening was quite manik too we went off to try to find a campsite and didnt find anything quickly. feeling tired we decided it would be easier to sleep in the car so we went back to the carpark and put the back seats down and we were ready.
we went in to lanberris for some food and a drink got some really good food and the guinness was really good too!!!just strange everyone around us speaking welsh.

surprizingly slept really well woke up at 9am went to pete’s eats for tea and toast and set off for our 4hr drive back to cardiff.

a tiring weekend but very fun

Des and Gemma


You forgot to mention the weather Des. Blue sky and no wind what-so-ever. You would have struggled to get better days in the summer. Apart from being a little chilly on the summit they were perfect conditions.

It really was a brilliant day. What a fabulous ride. I’m really pleased with myself as I struggled to ride the whole route 6 weeks ago - but not this time, I rode the whole thing!

The high point for me was just after I left the summit, as there were two moutain bikers hot on my tail (trying to keep up). They were absolutely gob smacked that I was coping with the same terrain as themselves.:smiley:

Thanks to everyone for making it a fabulous day out. I’ve got a couple of really good group photos on the summit. I particularly like the photos of Roger & Des riding down the railway track :roll_eyes:
I’ll add my photos to the gallery Des set up later in the week. My favourite photo though is the magnificent sunset taken from the half-way cafe! Yes, it was dark by the time we got down. Certainly improves your balancing riding off-road in the dark!!

Hope to see you all Saturday 13th December at the Manchester meet.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

glad u enjoyed ureself and were lucky wid’ the weather.

I’ve now put my photos from the weekend on Des’ gallery.

See you all at the Manchester Uni Meet on the 13/12/03.


My legs have just about recovered from Snowdon (tip: don’t carry two uni’s on your shoulders the last third up Snowdon!). BTW Will was in the first stages of flu but he was glad he made it to the top and didn’t quit so I forgave him for getting me to carry his uni.

I’ve uploaded some photo’s to the gallery, thanks Des, not too many though as I intended to take more on the way down but ended up not taking any through a combination of enjoying the ride and total exhaustion, next time :slight_smile:

Should be at the next unimeet in Manchester so see you there.


gallery is looking good now!
waiting to see if any more pics appear.

Should hopefully be in manchester.

See ya


Great pics there!

I wish I had gone… I will next time! :slight_smile:

I like Steves armodillo back protection! :smiley:


Outstanding! glad the weather was good for you.

Since I heard about this I’ve been wondering what the score was with the uphill aspect of it, I know it’s pretty amazing what you can climb on a muni but, having walked up Snowdon years ago, I had doubts about the feasibility of climbing it on a muni.

The fact that it’s a mountain surely means it’s a pretty relentless climb (and a long one at that) with little opportunity to recover on downhill sections.

So did you have loads of rests, or are was it a case of being phenomenally fit?

Well done on making it to the top.

It’s 100% uphill. One of the few climbs in the UK that is so.

Unless you’re a whole lot fitter than anyone who came up at BMW, it involves a lot of walking. Even Roger walked a majority of the uphill. Worth it for the downhill though.

Looks like great weather for it, that was pretty jammy.


yeah it is a 100% climb but allot of it is rideable but quite hard.
myself and roger rode about 70% and it was good fun. i actually quite like the uphill bit of muni too and it was very good for fittnes!
i think it was just myself and roger that rode any though (got called mad and stupid a few times!)