THE RESPONSE- (flatland)-Will and Eli


We lose… :o SERIOUSLY WTF!!! I love you guys so much! How in the WORLD did you land all this crap! I seriously think this is the best video EVER made.

It took me ten minutes to watch because after every trick I was like “What the hell that did not just happen” rewind, watch it again, rewind, watch it again. :astonished: :astonished: 1080, quad, backroll-540, backflip-overflip (?), a lot of Eli’s combos that I don’t have any idea how to name, and probably a ton of other stuff I’m forgetting was sooo sick! Definitely going on my favorites to watch before I ride.

Edit: 900 side, fifthfakie and fifthbackflip, outfifthside, fifth-backroll-180, triplebackflip, what was 1:41? it looks amazing, trey-outsideroll, rolling wrap-540-outsideroll, all the 360s on tire no hops, idk too much to name. :slight_smile:


first flatland vid that i actually enjoyed watching guys:)

You win!

holy shit, was that a 1080 at the end?! :astonished:
Loved it, lots of random cool little tricks, loved the thing at 2:16
Although your video was epic Colby and Jacob, I think this wins! :smiley:

I’m gonna go change my pants now…


Oh baaaaaaaaaaaaby!!! That was crazy!

You guys are bringing north america on par with Europe for flatland!

You you should try to get sponsored by someone big, like redbull.

You guys are amazing!!! Sick style at the 1080 and the quads and all the flat combos of both! :astonished:

I agree with Pat and Kevin :stuck_out_tongue:

holy shit… i dont even know what the hell to say… cant wait to ride at ny

oh yeah will nice job with the ebuni sponsorship. congrats.

Nice video! I really like your style eli!


I feel like a dirty peasant commenting on this video…

Can I saw PWNAGE?


Eli, you are siick, Will, your late stuff was amazing. I loved the fifthback.

Oh and was that a fakie fifth or fifthfakie flip?

Dude Colby is right. That was one of the best vids I’ve ever seen. EVER.

Everything looked so nice. my favorite line was the one at 4:07 by Eli.

IMO ya’ll are the best two at flat in the world.

Wouahahahaaaaaawwwrrrgh! (maniac laugh.) most of this stuff looked like these unreal bone-cracking superhigh (too many adjectives?) combos you could do in THPS with the anti-gravity-cheat turned on. (That is in fact something good)
THOUGH I have to say the 2nd “song” really ruined it for me. How to waste beautiful tricks to such a bull**** piece of sound, especially compared to the highly energetic, fully suiting every single frame-eminemsong beforehand.
Still, epic work.

…oh my sweet Jesus…there are no words to describe what you guys just did…Eli and Will…you guys are my new favotie riders…just one question…
…can you make another video :roll_eyes: :o:p…

If only there were someone else on the east coast that could film and edit these kids…

Yeah…oh wait dude i forgot to say, YOU"RE THE DUDE

Wow some really awesome stuff. crazy big.