The Reserection of VIMW- but less Vomit!

Hey everyone,

Im planning on having the 2nd annual Vancouver Island Muni Weekend around the end of the summer. I don’t know if Dyaln Wallinger is having another one anytime soon, so thats to bad, he can come to mine!

Im still working out some of the details, but i know mountains that we can ride and there is tons of trails, plus lots of begginer and expert lines.

Mt.Prevost ( duncan )
Heartland ( victoria)-unbelievably good trails!
Tzhouhalem ( duncan )

and i know theres alot more trails and mountains out there im not thinking of at the moment. If some of you Still have juice left over from some of these rides. There’s excellent Trials and street around Duncan, Shawnigan lake, Mill bay, and Victoria.

As i said before im still working out the kinks but i would like to roughly see how many people are planning on coming. I know i had an awesome time at the first VIMW in blackcreek and hopefully dylan will get of his a$$ and come ride with us.

Any other questions just email me at,
or just post.

Justin Kohse. ( people can always stay, and camp out at my place, there’s campsites all around shawnigan lake.) There will be quite a bit of driving involved to get to these awesome Mountains, so if you can bring a vehicle, we have our big fan wich can hold 15 passengers)

If I’m available on the dates you have planned I’d come for sure (and would probably have room in the car for a few others needing a lift from Vancouver). However, I doubt Dylan will make it as according to this post he’s working up north until November.


  • James