The Refrigerator [Muni]

Hit up a favorite mountain bike trail today on my 20" (Don’t ask me why the trail is called “the refrigerator”), and figured I’d make a quick little vid. I apologize for lack of awesomeness, but I don’t ride Muni much (third time, to be precise), and have even less an idea of how to film it. I hope it’s somewhat enjoyable though!



Looks fun… the rocks look like moab slickrock.
I thought you were gonna hop on the rocks in the pond :slight_smile:
Nicely filmed and edited. Good song. Shoulda entered it in the muni video contest!

“Lack of awesomeness”? You must be kidding. It was great!
Loved the angle/ steepness of the ride and added crunch of the tire as it passed the camera.

I did anticipate watching you hop over the rocks in the water. Actually expected an unavoidable UPD followed by a swim. The water looked cold. :smiley:

Only your 3rd time at muni? Wow.

Thanks guys, glad you liked it!

I wanted to hop across too, but the rocks were sketchy enough that a UPD would have been pretty garinteed and I didn’t want soaked muddy shoes for the rest of my ride =)

Very nice vid!

Nice sense of rhythm: 20" quickbeat w/ shingaurd shuffle.